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Astrology Transits for Sunday May 26th: This Is The Time To Organize

A woman guards the fridge
There's a system for everything.

Capricorn Moon square Aries North Node @ 14 degrees

10:07 am PST/ 1:07 pm EST

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Mercury @ 16 degrees

1:48 pm PST/ 4:48 pm EST

Capricorn Moon square Aries Mars @ 20 degrees

8:39 pm PST/ 11:39 pm EST

Capricorn Moon square Aries Chiron @ 22 degrees

11:50 pm PST/ May 27th 2:50 am EST

Moon square Nodes. This Moon will keep us on the task at hand. It needs strategy, execution, and the show to go on, and this will be the apex feeling as the North Node toggles us our identity instinct that is in formation, while South Node is agitating our past karma, patterns, and habits in relationships. The ingrained way we do things. You might be fighting against the old you and new you while you deal with someone, and there is a pragmatism that will route you to integrating your past mistakes and future vibe into what this T square brings up for you with another person. You are starting something here, and you have an emotional agenda, even if you don’t know it. 

Moon trine Mercury. This is some excellent planning energy, with your body in sync with your mind, and both earth based. This is the time to organize your brain, your time, your memories, your cupboards, your drawers. You might be more expressive or artistic with this energy, and you definitely will slow your roll and make intentional choices. Enjoy the ease of this energy, even if the thing you are doing isn’t enjoyable? 

Moon square Mars. This cardinal square is going to have us frustrated with not getting what we want, or having needs and expectations that aren’t fulfilled. Both these signs want movement, but Capricorn Moon must have strategy, planning, and direction to its movement, while this Mars is ready to run into traffic if it means getting things done. There’s a fast/slow dilemma, and a pacing issue. This Mars is a go getter without a cause, and Capricorn Moon won’t necessarily like or feel safe with so much energy going out. 

Moon square Chiron. Another cardinal square asking us to begin, this time looking at our needs around healing and wounding. There are needs perhaps being shown in a more emergent way, that are tipping you off that you need preparations, and processes to be ready for when the need for healing comes. You can parent yourself better than anyone, so don’t worry if you come to the edge of something, and pain is there. You know how to help yourself through it, and that in itself is part of the healing and growth forward. You are your own healer.

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You always bring a smile to my face; be it through your astuteness,

your almost surgical choice of words

or compassion for our shared humanity; love it !

Do you share your texts with AI ? Or just your thoughts ? I love the aart which accompanies this one

(out of the box of originality😊)

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