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Astrology Transits for Thursday May 16th: This Isn't For The Faint Of Heart

This was supposed to be shot put.

No major transits today.

Neptune is doing some urgent work at 29 degrees of Pisces, the sign it rules in modern times. Neptune is trying to break the boundaries of what we can love and how we can love. It's trying to get us to absorb and disintegrate what is old news, old cycles, the lives we are leaving behind.. Pisces is a sign of endings and dissolution, and Neptune is a planet of delusion, compassion, spiritual one-ness, victims and martyrs. There is much emotional receptivity here, and also psychic powers. We all may be feeling Neptune’s effect in the form of dreamwork, artistry, sensitivity to substances and our overall emotional world. Neptune is sextiling Venus, Uranus, Sun, and Jupiter who are all piling up in Taurus.

We are experiencing a theme about our worth, and what we bring to the table, the work we need to be doing to get through. This is real world stuff, how we live, what are the comforts and rewards for all the work we do. The house that has Taurus on the cusp in your chart is likely an area that you have been working hard, dealing with major upsets and having to change your beliefs, expectations and intentions. Your values and connections are coming into question, and asking you to commit to what you really want. There is a divine purpose to this mashup- the idea of knowing who you are, what you are worth, and how you can show up. How can you break free from the people, situations, and distractions that are not working for the long haul? How can you  double down on what you are going to be doing for the rest of your life and stop messing around with things that are not as valuable? Are you valuing, connecting, identifying and believing in the things that are going with you into the future?

Speaking of the future, over in Aries, Mars is applying a conjunction with the North Node. Mars is wasting no time in this sign of immediacy and quick bursts of energy. Mars is full of desire and will, it wants what it wants and in Aries, it’s self focused. A signature of Mars in Aries is anger. Another signature of Mars in Aries is feeling randy and ready to go. There is nothing to soften or slow down this pure force. In Aries it is a pure expression of self, so while tempers, anger, and passion rages, we need to also understand that this force must find a home and be welcomed in our world.. We are clumsy and terrible with this energy but that does not mean it should not be there, or that it should be kept inside, or not expressed. If you feel this energy moving through you, and you feel awkward about how to harness it, no worry. We are all in the same boat, trying to figure out how we will move into the future with this very big energy, and with Chiron also close by, how it will help us know ourselves, our pain, and our divine role to help heal the world. 

This isn’t for the faint of heart. Working with this force, towards this new world we are building is tough work. Be kind to yourself and to others as we all figure this out.

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