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Astrology Transits for Thursday May 23rd: This Day Just Doesn't Quit

A woman has lots of tools and potions.
What do I bring to the table?

Scorpio Moon opposes Taurus Venus @ 29 degrees

12:05 am PST/ 3:05 am EST 

Scorpio Moon opposes Taurus Jupiter @ 29 degrees

12:14 am PST/3:14 am EST

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Neptune @ 29 degrees

12:28 am PST/ 3:28 am EST

Taurus Venus conjunct Jupiter @ 29 degrees 

1:28 am PST/ 4:28 am EST

Full Moon in Sagittarius @ 2 degrees

6:53 am PST/ 9:53 am EST

Venus enters Gemini 

1:30 pm PST / 4:30 pm EST

This day just doesn’t quit with astrology that all happens in the wee hours. Scorpio Moon first opposes Venus, then Jupiter, and trines Neptune within half an hour, and all at 29 degrees. This is some big urgent vibing going on. The Sabian Symbol for the 29th degree of Taurus is A peacock parading its splendour on the terrace of an old castle. There is pomp, and indulgence in this hedonistic moment, but it all could be falling apart. There is some new energy coming in, and there can be much beauty to appreciate here and now. This point is bringing us to our relationship with wealth, abundance and worldly pleasures. 

How interesting to have this deeply sensitive Moon opposing this. Relationship dynamics will be strongly felt, much more in the lead up, likely to this, but in general an idea of focus, determination, extreme sensitivity and the emotional body making big demands. Scorpio Moon’s Sabian Symbol is about the prankster and trickster. It’s about jokes. So this opposition, this gets into some real interesting stuff in our relationship dynamics. Also, Scorpio’s ruler-- Pluto in Aquarius-- is making an out-of-sign sextile to Moon and trine to Venus in Jupiter. There is some real cosmic joking going on to be sure. If you are at your wits end about what you believe, what you know to be true, what information to listen to and what is the path forward, well you’re doing this right. This is tricky business.

This is traditionally known as really beneficial and helpful astrology. But what does benefit and help look like on any given day? This is really the question. How do you experience the energy inviting you to greater wealth and comfort? Does it feel like champagne and caviar? I say this to remind us all that benefits come in grumpy, frustrating, and scary packages. Remember that this is about your beliefs and your values coming together to really make a statement about what you are, and this happens in real physical and tangible ways. This is the “reality TV” version of fame, without the fame.

With the Neptunian influence we also see something coming about formlessness and form. Are you projecting, or are you manifesting? 

This is the lead up to a full Moon if you can believe it! Full Moon in Sagittarius has us looking at how we shot our arrow, and how far it went. Sagittarius wants to know more and more and to really go out there, and the Moon here says that we have some sort of conclusion to that. But with Pluto trining/ sextiling this full Moon, we’ve got the added bonus of having been transformed! Yahoo. But also: probably that’s hard work.

There’s probably also more work to do? Ambition is like that. If you are going to go for the gold, you have to keep upping the ante. 

And then Venus joins the Sun in Gemini to really jazz up our conversations and connections, and our curiosity.  She is ready to talk, and discuss things here, and will be more unfocused than in Taurus. Variety is the spice of life– we’ll be stimulated into conversation, going places and talking to people. Gemini likes it light and lively, it fears anything heavy, so there could be some abrupt record scratches. Information will have more power for this transit, and while we are talking about belief, value, worth; Venus being curious, motivated and lively will help us come to terms with everything we are moving through. Deep movement gives way to an opening for a lot more information.  Dense work requires a chaser, so to speak.

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Thanks (as always) for your beautifully written reading of the sky and its reflections within us. Your careful or real choice of words help us to feel into the space between them where there is always something lurking or flowing. Words of life, feeling and wisdom😊

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