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Astrology Transits for Thursday May 30th: Some Divine Insight Today

A man struck by lightening.
It looks cool but it probably hurts.

Pisces Moon square Gemini Venus @ 8 degrees

7:42 am PST/ 10:42 am EST

Pisces Moon square Gemini Sun @ 9 degrees

10:12 am PST/ 1:12 pm EST

Taurus Mercury conjunct Uranus @ 24 degrees

10:44 pm PST/ May 31st 1:44 am EST

Moon square Venus. This mutable square will have us feeling deeply or avoiding feeling deeply. Sometimes the easiest way to deal with heaviness is to go out and try and have a good time, and Gemini Venus is definitely out to try to forget its worries with banter, conversation, and socialisation. But Pisces Moon is in the emotion, can feel things on a deeper and more palpable level, there is no escaping those emotions. There is a lack of boundaries and focus on both accounts, and feelings that either spill or get put away or forgotten.

Moon square Sun. This mutable square energy continues, but now with the Sun instead of Venus. There is a part of our identity that wants to get out and talk, and doesn’t want to be stowed away indoors. It is Gemini season after all, and no matter the depth of the contrast, Sun will want to shine on the bright side of life. 

Mercury conjunct Uranus. This is some divine insight today, our minds will be practical and yet tapped into a greater knowledge. There are likely some insights that will appear that were not there before– either new knowledge is gained or something is revealed. This is powerful energy coming in through a Taurean veil, it will be practical, almost obvious seeming, revealing, sensual, and real. Whatever knowledge is gained, or the insight that comes, it’s a real world thing that we’ll need to use and consider going forward. It may be a major game changer, or something that profoundly affects how we are doing things.  We are in a very different spot than a few months ago when everything was new, fresh and emerging. Now things are in motion and we are doing the work to move forward.

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