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Astrology Transits for Thursday May 9th: What Needs To Go?

A magical path leads to somewhere
Where are we going?

Gemini Moon square Pisces Saturn @ 17 degrees

10:01 pm PST/ May 10th 1:01 am EST

Moon square Saturn. Mutable squares are about change. Pisces Saturn is keeping us on our work, and our spiritual tasks, doesn’t let us get away with our delusions and reframes. This Moon wants to connect and understand, there is frenetic energy in the body that is trying to understand and communicate. This Saturn is like a wet blanket, in a way. There is this impulse to share information— understand– in the body, in the way we want to sit in all of the information and discuss it. But Saturn says that things will fall, and have to be left behind. Emotionally, we are tapped in to everything, and there is work to be done, limits to how far we can go, and there is something pulling us to the bigger question. 

This idea of trying to make something work by understanding it comes against the idea of what we need to spend our time on. We have been working towards something, emotionally and spiritually, there is a broader, bigger aim here. That aim is guiding us and making us really look at who we are and where our impulses take us. This square wants to show us what needs to change, and with change, what needs to go. 

Is there something you need to understand in order to feel on track? Is something guiding you into a different place and showing you a secret path? Think about it. Is there a path being shown to where you are going, even if finding it was kind of annoying/ frustrating/ infuriating?

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