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Astrology Transits for Tuesday April 16th: Who Are You Today?

What kind of a tree would you be?

Today there’s no major aspects going on to speak of except, of course, everything that’s going on! We have a major conjunction applying to the 20th in Taurus, we’ve got some more upcoming zingers including an intense Scorpio full Moon on the 23rd.

The attention remains in Aries; on identity and self, individual spark, with Sun, Chiron, Mercury, North Node, and Venus there. Who are you today?

This is a great time to reflect on the here and now, because if you’re like me, this retrograde Mercury is making it hard to get your mind around the future, make tangible plans, or execute forward. Mars in Pisces is also making us stew in our juices, and feel into the collective all, and there are limits to our energy. 

Chiron has been a big player lately, as an eclipse co-host, and Aries season mainstay. We are working with our identity wounds, alone, on the inside and yet collectively together. We are all secretly trying to figure out how to heal this thing, this very specific– possibly ancestral– thing, that hurts ever-so-deeply. We are all trying to figure out how to relate to each other with this very huge hurt in the room. We are trying to understand how we are being moved into the age of Aquarius with Pluto’s traverse forward in this sign. 

We have had a lot of relationship work to do lately. Our habits and patterns in relationships have forced us to look at who we are as individuals and understand where the relationship begins and ends. We have been learning a lot about ourselves through the people around us. 

Saturn in Pisces has been teaching us a lot about what can, and cannot come with us. There have been some tough endings and dissolutions. We have had to let go and feel a whole bunch of stuff. 

Do you see a difference between yourself today and 6 months ago? What deep relationship lessons have you learned? What did you learn about yourself?

What is the work you are being asked to do? How will you do it?

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