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Astrology Transits for Tuesday April 2nd: It’s Easier to Avoid Something That We Are Wounded By Than Face It

A man walks through the mud.
Sometimes you have to push through.

Capricorn Moon square North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra @ 15 degrees

1:07 am PST/ 4:07 am EST

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Jupiter @ 17 degrees

4:43 am PST/ 7:43 am EST

Capricorn Moon square Aries Chiron @ 19 degrees

7:07 am PST/ 10:07 am EST

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Uranus @ 20 degrees

10:20 am PST/1:20 pm EST

Capricorn Moon square Aries Mercury @ 27 degrees

9:11 pm PST/ April 3rd 12:11 am EST

Moon square Nodes. Our ability to get things done is helping us get to the next goal and ambition. We are working with our superpowers and our unsureness, our past habits and our bigger impulses, to make something work, strategically. This energy will have us introspectively looking at ourselves and also the way we have acted with others in the past.

Moon trine Jupiter. What is real and what is supporting you? Let’s start there? What do you know is true, and how is that expanding? The way that you are engaging with what you need practically, and essentially may be blessed  with some ease, emotionally you may find yourself able to overcome emotional blocks and expand into what is possible.

Moon square Chiron. This means we can grow from our identity wound, and we can work through it while we heal. Healing is interesting. It’s easier to avoid something that we are wounded by than face it. This square bestows a way to engage with our identity wound, feel it, but also move forward, and do what needs to happen. It’s not spiritual bypassing, but it is a way to push through. You can push through the wound and keep going.

Moon trine Uranus. Earth trines help us keep on track, and keep what is valuable, and with this Uranian energy we might get knowledge, insight, or information that gives us more to work with or shows us a bigger truth. This will be helpful, valuable and inform a way forward.

Moon square Mercury. Mercury is rx in Aries so reviewing the way we think about ourselves, and this square gives us something to contend with that challenges our instincts about what should happen, our sense of safety, and our sense of knowing what needs to be done. We are reviewing our identity thoughts, and this Moon knows things need to get done, and what needs to be sorted to make everything work. Cardinal squares are a design to get us to initiate. What do you need to start doing, or communicating? How does your emotional body react to what you think about yourself?

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