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Astrology Transits for Tuesday April 9th: Totally Normal. No Worries Here.

A woman is having a personal safety meeting.
Let's just take a minute and get clear.

Taurus Moon square Aquarius Pluto @ 1 degree

7:35 am PST/ 10:35 am EST

Moon square Pluto. We just had an eclipse, it’s retrograde Mercury, and there is an applying conjunction with Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. Our selves are emerging big time. And what we are here or not here for is apparent. There is a lot of death (Pisces) rebirth energy (Aries) going on, with some concrete and sustaining (Taurus) vibes coming into fruition. We are all fresh, wet, and unsure about what we are walking into. We are doing this together.

There was an eclipse and it was about our identity and who we really are.  We were asked to really hang onto our egos.. And that sounds grandiose and fancy and like we’re trying to really figure out our brand and our vibe. But this is really about our integrity. The yes and no within us. What is ok and what is not? And what part of us, the wild part of us, that knows what to do about everything, is scared of coming out? This is not to shame ourselves for hiding ourselves, it’s to admit that we have not known how to be our full selves, maybe ever.

This is some big stuff to contend with while Jupiter and Uranus  are getting closer.  Chiron was a part of the eclipse,  bringing our role, talent, wound out in the open, and making something apparent about how we precede from here

Moon square Pluto. We are emotionally and instinctually changing the script, and that is difficult. When your soul changes, but the world does not, it’s a whole vibe. You might not know how to live your old life anymore, or you might now know how to be anymore. This is a situation where you have to contend with the old versus new you.

Totally normal. No worries here.

This is just hard stuff. It is a miracle to transform anything, and here you are transforming your emotional program, and your reality. That’s a big deal, and it will feel uncomfortable, and it will feel weird. This is frustrating. It’s a fixed square. You’re doing great by sustaining what matters. But you will leave something behind, and that’s also important.

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