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Astrology Transits for Tuesday March 19th: A Big, Banging, New Arrival

A ram runs out of the water.
The ram breaks through the dam.

Cancer Moon trine Pisces Neptune @ 27 degrees

7:29 am PST/ 10:29 am EST

Cancer Moon trine Pisces Sun @ 29 degrees

11:49 am PST/ 2:49 pm EST

Leo Moon opposite Aquarius Pluto @ 1 degree

3:48 pm PST/ 6:48 pm EST

Sun enters Aries/ Equinox

8:06 pm PST/ 11:06 pm EST

Today marks a turning point with all this Pisces energy, but first we have some more water trines to help us do some final healing. Moon trine Neptune. Our feelings are connected to the greater womb. Neptune is the divine centre of creation, the ocean itself. Neptune confuses us, and dissolves structure, but it is a loving, creative, and overall place of potential. Moon in Cancer is all about feelings and safety, and there will be an balm of ease as we comprehend what’s going on with our instincts, intuition, and perhaps some stuff coming up from our maternal line. What feels ready to let go of? How does it feel?

Moon trines Sun at the last degrees of these signs. There is an urgency to the 29th degree to finish something up, and Pisces Sun is our consciousness around spirituality, art, compassion, and what no longer serves. Whatever big work we’ve done around what must go is getting one last boost here. We are feeling it big time, in our body, our emotions, and this is to help us. It’s to get us ready for later today.

Moon opposes Pluto. Something has changed. Oppositions show up in relationships, and this newly Leo Moon needs to be seen. Leo Moon leads by the heart, and instinct, the drama that comes from it is emotional, there's a big fire burning within now after all those feelings. Pluto in Aquarius asks for transformation and freedom, an overarching concern for the collective rather than the individual. So there is this tension between these two things, and likely between you and someone else. What you need emotionally may not jive with what someone else wants to give. Aquarius Pluto will bring something to the surface to be dealt with, and that can change the game in this relationship moment. 

Sun enters Aries to bring in a big, banging, new arrival. Whatever cleaning and clearing you’ve been doing to shed your year, it’s been shed. This is a birth, a cry, an awareness, a start. Sun is exalted in Aries and it is here to begin anew. This is a consciousness that is ready to GO. Aries season is a cracking open of the egg, the burst of a shoot through the dirt, the car that peels out, the thing that jolts you awake, the cry of a newborn baby, the inner kick in the pants that we need. Aries warrior energy so we are ready to do things and ready to explode into the newness; it will be brash, clumsy, bold, and fast. After a heavy Pisces season, there is a flame, our identity, sense of self that is boldly kicking a door down. What do you know about yourself today? Who are you now?

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