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Astrology Transits for Tuesday May 21st: You Have to Believe in Your Brand

The world is making it work
Yay, let's do this.

Scorpio Moon opposes Taurus Mercury @ 8 degrees

7:17 am PST/ 10:17 am EST

We are coming to an ending and beginning.. That is clear.  We are being truer to our soul and truer to the impulse of survival within us. There is this idea of being focused and fixated on what we need, and emotionally extended to that vibe. Three is something about figuring this all out.

Something new we have been doing is a whole thing. Something is going away and something is really coming up. This can be an internal process, an external one. 

We are working towards an impending full Moon in Sagittarius, and some precise business in Taurus with Jupiter, Venus, and Uranus. Change is on the horizon with all of us! So we are all having issues with everything relational, financial, and there is an innate who am I in all of this.


“Everybody knows what's going wrong with the world

I don't even know what's going on in myself”


-Slow Emotion Replay by The The

We are all coming up against the real version of what we are meant to be and that is difficult for all of us. Because who we are is one thing when we think it, but the whole ordeal of carrying it on for days and days… you have to believe in your brand, right? It needs to be more than a witty slogan. You have to really feel it, what you are about, and why you exist. You are not a slogan, you are a whole vibe.

Moon opposes Mercury: What do we need to know and deliver through this motion? This Moon is precise, and ready to pounce. We need it to work. We need it to go. You have to make it happen. This is an instinctual mindfu$#. You can transform yourself.

There is a lot coming up for you to receive and a lot coming up for you to believe in. This is your world, your community, your people. What do you need to feel safe, what do you need to be able say what you need to say?

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