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Astrology Transits for Tuesday May 28th: There Is Electricity In The Air

A man in the middle of an electricity storm.
You can't escape the buzz, it's everywhere.

Aquarius Moon trine Gemini Sun @ 7 degrees

2:53 am PST/ 5:53 am EST

Today we have a nice beneficial trine between Moon and Sun, making us at our best intellectual and conversational selves, married to both the present moment's linguistic and transport matrix, but also a broader more revolutionary framework. We are feeling this and understanding this very airy vibe, and there is electricity in the air that beacons us; we are reading to look into things, follow breadcrumbs, see the signs. There is a lighter feeling today except for the approaching Mars/ Chiron conjunction tomorrow. That is bringing in some anger, aggression, and fire.

Is there something that is catching your interest, and if so, what? What are you learning about yourself and your channel? Where are you wanting to rebel?

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