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Astrology Transits for Tuesday May 7th: What is Real For You?

An ornate sandcastle
Start with sand and build from there.

Taurus Moon conjunct Venus @ 9 degrees

7:04 am PST/ 10:04 am EST

New Moon in Taurus @ 18 degrees

8:22 pm PST/ 11:22 pm EST

Moon conjunct Venus. In order to prepare for the blessed New Moon today, Moon conjuncts Venus. Our bodies and our basic needs will be in sync with what we like and value. We may be drawn to our own medicine, and that could mean being in nature, gardening, or making a meal. Whatever it is, likely you will enjoy your senses in doing it; smells, tastes, textures, sounds. This– if you can slow down– can tell you a lot about you. There are parts of yourself that you likely skim over when trying to live your life, and this isn’t something you are doing wrong, it’s just an opportunity to take some time to rediscover yourself. 

New Moon in Taurus. This New Moon is blessed with a stellium, all conjunct to varying degrees– in Taurus– to bless it. There is Jupiter and Uranus, which are separating a conjunction from last month, and still quite close to the New Moon. This is working on our belief systems, our divine course in life, and how we can expand in a tangible and real–world way. There is also Venus from earlier today, who integrates our values and our most treasured material people and things, into our new beginning. Something has ended recently, and something will begin. What seed will you plant today in your intentions? What is real for you, rooted for you, and what would you like to be real for you? What do you believe about yourself in the world and what could be? Is the universe talking to you and saying something that you can’t ignore?

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