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Astrology Transits for Wednesday March 20th: How Can You Retell Your Own Story?

Dancers perform to an adoring crowd.
Two people find a way to lead by heart.

Aries Mercury conjunct Chiron @ 18 degrees

10:15 am PST/ 1:15 pm EST

Leo Moon square Taurus Jupiter @ 15 degrees

6:34 pm PST/ 9:34 pm EST

Leo Moon trine Aries North Node @ 15 degrees

7:28 pm PST/ 10:28 pm EST

It’s Aries season now. There’s some fire happening now. What is emerging and propelling you? What is coming through you without even thinking?

Mercury conjunct Chiron. Let’s talk about your wound. This is a personal (only you) wound that probably comes through the bloodline. This wound is actually an ancestral wound, and it has been creeping forth for a while with the North Node and Chiron conjunction that’s still really close. Can you explore that for a moment? 

This is deep. This you carry. We’re working with this wound for the next few months. The goal is that you get to heal this, and you get to understand it enough to make the world better. Yay, right? You are valuable because whatever you learned, uniquely, through your specific pain, is something that can help the future, the past, and the present. That’s the story of how we got this far. So congratulations? 

OK but it hurts. Whatever it is that is really making you OUCH is wrapped up in your mind processes. The identity  of having the wound cannot separate itself from you, and you get to understand that lens, and know that there are other lenses to look through. Maybe you feel backed into a corner or like you can’t think differently. This is what you’ll be working with for the next few months. How can you retell your own story? Is your story about your wound accurate? Is it serving you? Are you owning it? Are you harnessing it?

Moon square Jupiter. There’s a part of us that wants to be out, about, and being a success in the world. We want to expand and learn and grow our assets. We have an idea how that will happen. This Moon comes in and says: what is this actually about? Are we loving each other? Leading each other? Am I a part of this growth?

There is tension between what we need to do and be and what the ultimate material world wants from us to expand. How do you bring your divine impulse down to cold hard cash, real life comfort, food? We have all kinds of stuff around this, and you’ll feel some inkling with this quick transit.

Moon trines North Node. Something in you can accept this new identity thing. Back to Chiron, who’s not going away for a while, sorry. Chiron is a big deal, and is here to send us messages about how we heal ourselves and therefore heal the world.  But Leo Moon wants us to feel our hearts. Leo IS heart. There is such beauty and majesty here. How can you access that part, the BIG LOVE of you? Moon wants you to feel instinctually linked to this fire. There’s this scene in Dirty Dancing (at the 1.30 mark,) that sort of spoon feeds it to you based on 80’s sensibilities and politik. Really- you are moving forward, and I bet you can see it in yourself. And you’re doing great.

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