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Astrology Transits for Wednesday May 22nd: It’s Hard To Manage All The Information, Sometimes

A cabin in the woods.
Getting ready for a lot of stuff to go down.

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Saturn @ 18 degrees

3:01 am PST/ 6:01 am EST

Gemini Sun trine Aquarius Pluto @ 2 degrees

7:55 am PST/ 10:55 am EST

Scorpio Moon opposes Taurus Uranus @ 23 degrees

1:24 pm PST/ 4:24 pm EST

Moon trine Saturn for some healing vibes. There’s some deep work going on the body and something might need help dislodging. Thankfully this trine helps with the clog, and really pushes out what needs to go. If there is an area you can’t climb out of, no worries, you might be cleaning off an edge or a point that got gunk on it. Feelings are hard to feel but they really help us regulate.

Sun trine Pluto. An opportunity to feel your transformation and the divine messages that are working through you. Pluto does this on a collective scale, and your consciousness, which will be curious and firing on all cylinders will be blessed by this opportunity to reveal or transform something. It’s hard to manage all the information, sometimes.

Moon opposite Uranus. This Moon is deeply sensitive, there could be chronic pain flare ups, and the waters are fine tuned. There will be some back and forth because of new information, new ideas, or a new set of circumstances happening, and that might be something that we’d rather not deal with! No matter, we will have to deal with it regardless! This opposition could have some defensiveness in it due to Scorpio’s vibe, but let’s look at what information changes the game right now because tomorrow’s astrology is where things get really interesting! What did you learn today about what you need?

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