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Astrology Transits for Wednesday May 29th: This Energy Wants To Move Through Us

Someone meditates in front of an altar.
Sometimes you have to meditate with your own anger.

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Mercury @ 20 degrees

1:34 am PST/ 4:34 am EST

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Uranus @ 24 degrees

7:20 am PST/ 10:20 am EST

Aries Mars conjunct Chiron @ 22 degrees

9:44 am PST/ 12:44 pm EST

Pisces Moon square Gemini Jupiter @ 0 degrees

7:12 pm PST/ 10:12 pm EST

Moon square Mercury. There is part of you that may need some kind of space, emotionally, and there is a part of you that needs to deal in the material world, talking about things like work, and paycheques and Marketplace deals. There is a part of you that needs to rebel from the regular world, and the fray, and that will make it hard to deal squarely with what’s in front of you. That’s OK, this day is designed help us walk through the fire. 

Moon square Uranus. Uranus does some heavy lifting here with whatever these emerging needs of rebellion, freedom, and solitude are about. This Uranus rules this Moon, and there is this idea of getting a bigger understanding and integration of change here. Practically, this might not feel that easy to contend with as there will be a flash of insight in the form of non-linear, surprising change that may or may not be welcome. But it is the warm up for the next part.

Mars conjunct Chiron. You’ve probably felt this conjunction coming. There is flare up energy here, and also an opportunity to heal some parts of the identity and masculine expression. There is likely anger, rage, passion, sexual urge, or a physical need to express that got us to this point, or any combination thereof. There is something that needs to be healed within us, and our expression of our life force will find it hard to filter this out. This energy wants to move through us, and it has chutzpah and it moves fast. Try to be your best self under these circumstances and understand that essentially we are trying to heal through this fire. The goal is to find our footing, our root, and the source of our passion and let the energy move out of us. Can you find a way for this to happen that doesn’t wash over anyone else?

Moon square Jupiter. These square at 0 degrees so the energy of Pisces Moon and Gemini Jupiter will be dabbing in some mutable change energy. There is a psychic, deep, and dream-like Pisces Moon, and this expansive search for big truth through the sign of duality and confusion. This isn’t going to be the clearest moment of the day, but there is something to distill here and there is some deep truth to explore, even from the shallow end of the pool. Gemini will try to avoid the intense big truths coming out of Pisces, but this is Jupiter, and Jupiter is searching for more. What are you searching for, and what are you ready to let go of, especially after this fever pitch in Aries? What is changing about your innerscape, and what are you feeling deeply?

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