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Daily Transit for Wednesday March 29th

March 29th

Cancer Moon sextile Taurus Venus @ 15 degrees

9:47 am PST/ 12: 47 am EST

Cancer Moon square Aries Chiron @ 15 degrees

10:08 am PST/ 1:08 pm EST

Cancer Moon sextile Taurus Uranus @ 16 degrees

12: 38 pm PST/ 3:38 pm EST

Cancer Moon square Aries Jupiter @ 18 degrees

4:34 pm PST/ 7:34 pm EST

Cancer Moon square Aries Mercury @ 22 degrees

11:29 pm PST/ March 30th 2:29 am EST

Cancer Moon’s movement today asks us to protect our tenderness, and our creative babies, while tending to the emotional truth of today. She asks us to be honest with ourselves about what hurts, what we need, and what we are creating or not creating. Our waters are potent, and in many ways, we have learned to gaslight ourselves into thinking that our emotions are too much, too weak, or unsightly. Whatever is coming up today, it is yours, and you get to protect it.

Also know that Cancer Moon relates strongly to your mother of origin. Some of the stuff that comes up will always be related to her, her mother, and so on. She is your link through time. She may require reverence or forgiveness. She may have been amazing, or perhaps you never got the chance to know her, or she was awful. Whoever she was– remember she had pressures, forces and controls on her that are hard to imagine now, many of which you have no idea about. Try to cultivate compassion for her– if only for the divine link she provides to the mother of us all.

Cancer Moon sextiles Taurus Venus in a helpful and boosting connective moment, things feel easeful, receptive, and like safe and secure. There is an inner strength you can cultivate with this aspect, it is a great aspect for lovers and creators. Also if you are in a mother or nurturing role of some sort, there’s something connective and soothing about what you can create in this condition.

Cancer Moon then squares Aries Chiron. Oof. Our identity wound strikes again. Whatever is being held deep within comes into tension with the way we hurt, and we may need to take some alone time to contend with it, or we may find ourselves in “mama bear” mode trying to protect others. Can you ensure that you are dealing with your own stuff and not putting it on others?

Cancer Moon then sextiles Uranus in Taurus. There might be a surprise or a realization about your own feelings of solvency or safety that come up. These will likely be beneficial. Beneficial doesn’t mean “feels good,” although it is likely that this information will only make you ready for what comes next.

Cancer Moon then squares Aries Jupiter to look at how we might protect ourselves in times of great personal expansion. Aries is brash and courageous, and Jupiter here is ready to grow. Cancer Moon is protective and wants things to be safe, secure, and home-based. In what ways must you balance these two different needs? How can you feel safe when venturing away from your comfort zone? How can you make sure that you’ve taken care of the important details while allowing yourself to go out for adventure?

Cancer Moon then squares Aries Mercury. We’ve got a steamy pair here between thoughts and feelings, emotional reactions and fiery ideas. This is sexy energy, it’s potentially argumentative, and it’s definitely going to spark sides of the coin. Be aware of this in relations and communications with others. Cancer Moon is likely to shut down and give the silent treatment and Aries Mercury wants to solve the problem. Passions run high. Go for a walk, a shag or get the art supplies out. Something beautiful can be created.

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