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Daily Transits for Friday April 14th

Gemini Venus square Pisces Saturn @ 4 degrees

9:21 am PST/ 12:21 pm EST

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Mercury @ 13 degrees

12:14 pm PST/ 3:14 pm EST

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Uranus @ 17 degrees

7:06 pm PST/ 10:06 pm EST

It’s Friday and it’s hip to be square! Just kidding, squares aren’t always fun, but are laying groundwork for us to approach the big changes afoot for eclipse season. We need the challenging energy to point us to the work we need to do.

Our chatty, flirty, and charismatic Gemini Venus will be in some sort of friction with Pisces Saturn– if it’s not deep or serving a purpose to the greater whole, you might find out that you have engaged in a dose of delusion or that the structures you thought were holding up the connection were actually not there. Gemini Venus is intelligent and dynamic, Pisces Saturn is plunging the depths of our work and whether or not we’re actually doing it. Pisces Saturn does not dabble in superficiality or shallowness and that might be a challenge to the light and curious desire for connection that Venus brings forth. If you are trying to get some venture off the ground– know the difference between what is real and what is “marketing talk.” Know the difference between false promises and real engaged work.

A fixed square between Aquarius Moon and Taurus Mercury has us trying to figure out what is best to say and when (if applicable) to say it. Perhaps utility will say that we need to communicate something because it’s a long slog, and if you don’t say something now, when will you say it? But alternately, perhaps you are in a battle between what is good for the collective and what you personally need. Between your thought patterns and feelings. What is it important to subdue, and why? Your feelings matter, but so do your words. What is helpful in the end? Can you manage to subvert your feelings without being resentful? Can you feel secure if you haven’t been heard?

Then a fixed square between Aquarius Moon and Taurus Uranus. You have learned something today about yourself and your feelings. Perhaps you’ve learned something about what you need to feel safe in the collective? Whatever you learn, surprises and epiphanies abound, and this will be important information to carry you through the next big transits. Aquarius and Taurus are hot areas in your chart right now, with Pluto and Uranus housed in each of them. Moon is there to put some messages in your body about your work, moving forward. We’re all a little disoriented since Pluto arrived in Aquarius and we’re all wondering what it means. That is the nature of Aquarius. We are going through it together, and Moon lets us know what that means to us individually. Uranus is ruled by Aquarius, to make sure we are all on track. Is it fun? Likely no. But it is possible, even now, that you see the value in it.

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