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Daily transits for Tuesday March 28th

Tuesday March 28th

Cancer Moon conjunct Mars @ 1 degree

6:18 am PST/ 9:18 am EST

Cancer Moon trine Saturn @ 2 degrees

8:03 PST/ 11:03 am EST

Cancer Moon square Aries Sun @ 8 degrees

7:30 pm PST/ 10:30 pm EST

Cancer Moon conjuncts Mars for a potentially passive aggressive moment. Emotionally we’ll have to do something, but what? Mars in Cancer isn’t great at expressing itself through action, Cancer doesn’t always feel safe and has a lot of tenderness inside. Cancer sidesteps conflict at the best of times. Something needs to come out, hopefully Cancer Moon can understand that the severity of the hurt probably needs something to be dealt with. Of course, if one must be indirect about their big Cancer Moon emotions and fears, how about making it art?

Cancer Moon trines Saturn in Pisces to help us understand how our emotional regulation can aid us in what we are doing in the world, and how alignment can boost our work in the world. Sometimes it feels strange to know our own sense of safety and inner selves, and yet, this will be the message of Saturn in Pisces and the message we are getting from this transit is there to help us. What are the messages in your body telling you about what you need to be doing in the world?

Cancer Moon squares Aries Sun to let us know that no matter what our impulses are, and how fearless we can feel, there are emotional parts of us that need to feel safe and secure. It can be scary to put yourself out there, and Cancer Moon might put some emotional brakes on us. We need to protect ourselves and be bold in times like these, this is delicate work and we aren’t always sure how to contend with this.

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