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Daily Transits Monday March 27th

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Monday March 27th

Gemini Moon square Pisces Neptune @ 25 degrees

6:39 pm PST/ 9:39 pm EST

Aries Mercury conjunct Jupiter @ 18 degrees

11:45 PM PST/ March 28th 2:45 am EST

The week opens with new energy from both Mars and Pluto inconjunct at 0 degrees. Mars is in Cancer ready to get us working on our innerscapes, exploring our relationship to family, safety, creativity and gestation. We are cleaning out our closets, and we might have to deal with some old painful memories to do it. We might have remove some boxes, and give them to their rightful owners. We have been storing other people’s garbage for too long.

Pluto in Aquarius is asking us to feel it coming in the air, tonight. What is happening, collectively and how can you, individually, help us? What does humanity need and what are your specific superpowers to help? What are you ready to revolutionize about yourself?

We’ve got Sun, Chiron, Mercury, and Jupiter in Aries breathing a spark into us as individuals. We are being called to work on our individuality and relationship to belief, and again this theme as to how we can help others. We are porting into the notion that we are all creating society together, that we as individuals are responsible for what we are making, and the previous model of society was based on a lot of traumatized individuals taking power. Now we know it is our duty to heal ourselves so that the world we build is based on healing, individual responsibility, and collective effort.

Gemini Moon makes a mutable square with Pisces Neptune. Mutable squares create conditions for change, and this change is occurring in the deeply personal place of your cycles and emotions, and how we cognitively know ourselves, and on the other side the great universal womb of all-there-is. What is there to really know about ourselves anyway? Perhaps this isn’t a brain problem and the confusion you feel is causing you to wrestle with something unknowable? Can you create some art about it? Can you write down your dreams? Can you let something go that has been eating you alive in your brain and trust that it will make sense later? Part of the poetry of life is how information is disseminated, and sometimes information is doled out in pieces. Maybe you know all that you are supposed to at the moment.

Aries Mercury conjuncts with Jupiter. There is going to be an epiphany or a momentous revelation that tells you cognitively about where you’re going and what you want. Your mind has expanded or reached a realization; your belief system is supporting an expansion and deepening. How have you stretched further than you thought you could? What knowledge or beliefs are empowering you right now?

Do you have something to communicate? Can you make today the day that you are clear, inspired, and open? Can you shift from any kind of accusation and try to inspire people with your words?

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