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Friday January 26th

Aries Chiron trine Leo Moon and square Capricorn Mercury @ 15 degrees

6:54 am PST/ 9:54 am EST

Leo Moon trine Aries North Node @ 18 degrees

11:47 am PST/ 2:47 pm EST

Leo Moon square Taurus Uranus @ 19 degrees

11:38 pm PST/ 2:38 pm EST

Uranus stations direct in Taurus @ 19 degrees

8:47 pm PST/ 11:47 pm EST

Aquarius Sun square Taurus Jupiter @ 6 degrees

11:00 pm PST/ January 27th 2:00 am EST

There is fallout from yesterday’s Full Moon and it involves big feelings, wounding, and healing. Something was said. We know what we know. There is no way to rewind the tape.  Or, as some people say: it is what it is.

We now know what to do or how to move forward, even if we are feeling hurt or if we have to work with this energy alone. Your heart may have taken a beating. The square between Mercury and Chiron  says that there has been strategic and succinct communication in the face of a whole lot of wounding. Have you been your best self? Are you in integrity?

Moon trine North Node, so we know that whatever heart work we are doing is teaching you to dig deeper into your own identity. Relationships teach us a lot about ourselves. Whatever felt weird about what you just did, or if you managed to change– you are being ushered forward, maybe not so gently.

Fixed square with Moon and Uranus. There is a flash of insight or dramatic knowledge there is some big emotional stuff happening. This is like a fine-tune from the divine, and Uranus is trying to make things last for the long haul by giving us information when we need it.  There is a lesson here, for you, like an offshoot lesson from yesterday. You are leading this charge. How will you stand and act?

Uranus turns direct in Taurus. Record scratch. Uranus is doling out divine information and inspiration in the form of surprise and unexpected change. It has been retrograding and now moving forward to really do what Uranus does. This could be a big jolt or there could be a shakeup. We are looking at what needs to be revolutionized and brought into the future, and Taurus is really trying to make sure we can make it through the year. Uranus in Taurus is teaching us how to be in relationship with resources and values, and you might get some reminders on this theme today.

This is some fixed energy to take us into the weekend. Sun square Jupiter- something is changing our beliefs and understanding. There is this idea of financial and spiritual largess. There is this idea of what’s best for all. This fixed square is about getting our heads in the game. We are part of the collective consciousness and we are learning what needs to be done to get us through these uncomfortable times. We are navigating new circumstances and we are doing our best. We are all going through this together in different ways, and we will continue to learn how to find our footing.

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