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Full Moon in Sagittarius: Fate Says This is Just The Beginning

A child plays with strings while blindfolded.
Hopefully someone knows what's going on.

May 23 is day to remember!

The energy will be wild on, and leading up to the full Moon in Sagittarius at 2 degrees, which happens at 6:53 am PST/ 9:53 am EST on May 23rd. This full Moon will be a culmination of something you began in early December, around the time of the new Moon. This alone is a notable bit of astrology, but not even the star of the show. Before the full Moon we have a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter at the anaretic degree of Taurus, and later in the day Venus will ingress into Gemini changing signs. 

29 degrees is the point of fate in astrology. There is an urgency and completion vibe with this energy and we have Neptune at home in Pisces sextiling this big Venus/Jupiter conjunction. Venus is Taurus’s ruler so there seems to be a lot here relating to what is real, what is growing, and what we want to explore in another. Our values will be expanding and we will be looking to expand our lens on what is comfortable, the work we are willing to do, who we are willing to connect with and who and what we believe in. Something will need to be figured out, and this will get into our relationship with finances and abundance, how we feel secure in the world.

There is a ripening here that is really looking at our emotional and connective spheres. Neptune in Pisces will bring up every delusion, dream, promise or dare. It will take us into the collective womb with her inebriations and hallucinations. Deep compassion will be required for this journey, that will help with this dilation of value and connection. There is something big, natural, solid, comfortable, seductive and fated about this love that is drawing us in this direction. But what are we learning about our beliefs and values? Jupiter is a big player in today’s astrology and he asks us where we are in the group.

What holds up and what takes us all the way home? Who is in your world and how long will they be around? What are you projecting onto others in order to feel safe and secure? Is there something that you’re missing? What’s it all worth to you, and what are you worth?

Early in the morning there is a full Moon at 2 degrees Sagittarius, 6:53 am PST/ 9:53 am EST. This is sextiling Pluto in Aquarius. This new Aquarian way of being that’s being tested on us collectively is a part of this full Moon, and it’s lending us some transformational and revealing powers to make sure we get the message. There is somewhere you shot your arrow six months ago, and today we figure out just how far it went. This is happening conjunct the Venus/ Jupiter conjunction, so, in terms of plot devices– they’re related. There is a completion here to something you went for. Jupiter is the ruler of this full Moon and we have Jupiter combining forces with Venus in Taurus for a real banger track that has us getting really solid about love, reality, values, worth, beliefs, and becoming. This throws in a lot to the relationship. How are your relationships? Pay attention to what happens today, there is something to learn.

This is a beckoning that is bigger and deeper. Whatever you completed from 6 months ago is really coming up to expand and get bigger. Venus then enters Gemini 1:30 pm PST / 4:30 pm EST to make us much more social, much more engaging, curious, and out to get information. Gemini Venus values ideas, and this transit punctuates this day that is working us. We need to know what we are worth, and we need to know what we want. These two things are interrelated. This full Moon in Sagittarius is really looking at what we wanted, and where our optimism took us, and now, we have this interesting transformative rebirth where we want to get out there and get more information. This day is a process, and its energy is changing. Transformative Pluto and confusing Neptune lend their hands to this day, which feels a bit like when you get blindfolded and spun around, and then given a stick to break a pinata. If you believe in yourself, and go in swinging, you might get some candy.  Fate says this is just the beginning.

There is something to notice about what you are willing to work on and believe in, and whether it matches your sense of worth in the world. There is something about what you are working on and making real, and where that puts you in the collective. We all are being asked to uplevel our beliefs and values, and to be ready to hold strong in this world. Where do you plant your flag? What do you believe in and how can you value yourself?

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