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July Has Begun, and Something Will Have to Release, or be Felt

Sometimes water sliding can be fun.

There is a lot of water going on since Cancer seasons started, and this day is going to have a lot of emotional impact because of it. One of the key factors of this powerful emotional season is Neptune, the transpersonal planet of compassion, confusion, delusion, and universal love; and its position at 29 degrees of its own sign: Pisces. 29 degrees of any sign is a heavy handed energy, it has urgency to complete. 29 degrees of Pisces is also the end of the zodiac wheel; Pisces itself represents endings. We have a lot of feelings about endings and this theme is pervasive right now through the period of time that Neptune is at 29 degrees.

To make things more interesting, on July 2nd, 3:40 am PST/ 6:40 am EST Neptune will station retrograde, so this fog that we are in will continue and work on us internally. But remember, Neptune is a transpersonal planet, so when it moves us, it moves us in a direction with all of humanity.  That means we will have collective experiences and influences will likely be beyond our control. With retrograde action we have internal work to do, and we might find ourselves reviewing things. The tricky part about Neptune, is that we often delude ourselves in this energy. We count on things, and people, that aren’t real. We drink the Kool-Aid. We idealize. We fall prey to stories and narratives. So remember, we will backtrack through this critical degree just to make sure we got the lesson.

So as Mercury, the planet of communication and understanding passes through the last degree of Cancer at 4:40 am PST/ 7:40 am EST, so too will it make a trine with Neptune. Right there is some serious water vibes, and water is our emotional body. With a trine, we get ease and benefit, but with emotional work the keyword is healing. As information passes through us, either in our minds or through our mouths, we will be working through and processing emotions. While flowing our water can be “easy” per se, it may not be pleasurable, unless flowing our waters causes deep connection. And remember that Neptune does like to delude or mislead us. Something will have to release, or be felt; and through this mechanism– at 5:50 am PST/ 8:50 am EST– Mercury will enter Leo. 

Mercury in Leo is more headstrong, ready to lead, and ready to be in the spotlight kind of thinking and talking. There is more confidence, bravado, and arrogance to this way of communicating, but also more ability to take control and stick up for what’s right. Mercury here has fire to hold and burn. It will say what needs to be said (and maybe some things that didn’t need to be said.) Remember there is drama to the Leo vibe, and this Mercury just went through some feelings.

Sun in Cancer then apexes a T square at 11 degrees with the nodes at 11:04 am PST/ 2:04 am EST. This will be a relationship moment that entails some more dance with our past and future karmic lessons, and the mechanism of this is how we identify with emotional safety, and perhaps our relationship with it through a mother figure. We will have to understand ourselves through the relationship habits and patterns we carry through our past karma, and the individual self that the future is asking us to maintain in these relationships. This is tricky, and since Cancer Sun wants to feel safety in its identity, this could trigger some emotional karmic moments.

Finally Cancer Venus makes a beneficial trine to Pisces Saturn at 6:38 pm PST/ 9:38 pm EST. This Saturn is forcing us to adapt to different forms of structure, boundaries, and work, and in so doing, it’s shedding what is unnecessary or not meant to come with us. When Venus makes the beneficial trine to Saturn, we know that our values and relationship safety will be aided when we take responsibility and do the necessary work. We know that our ability to keep a safe container will provide the emotional structure we need. There is healing to this trine and to this day as we hollow out the dead streams and clean out the detritus. Fixed fire is on its way; but not yet.

On July 3rd, at 12:15 am PST/ 3:15 am EST, our brand new Leo Mercury will oppose Aquarius Pluto, giving us some tension in our relationships. Aquarius Pluto is ripe to revolutionize and transform the way we approach the world and humanity. Leo Mercury is concerned with communicating itself, and leading with its heart. Sometimes the heart + fixed fire + revolutionary intellectualism + revelations and transformations= a big wildfire. It doesn’t matter who is right, or what your intentions are, because this is always subjective. What matters is that we’ve done the healing, and taken the emotional responsibility for our safety, and hopefully we did that yesterday. We are emptying out to a profound new Moon on July 5th, and it will make us feel A LOT.

What does emotional safety mean to you and who helps you achieve it?

How can you create your own emotional safety? Are there people you should avoid, or be careful around when you need healing or help?

What words and thoughts are showing you how to lead by heart?

What does healing mean to you and how can you do it without it wearing on others?

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