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June 14th, Mercury Conjunct Sun: In The End-- A Choice Must Be Made

He goes through one of the doors.
It's the same door, really, isn't it?

At 9:21 am PST/ 12:21 pm EST on June 14th Sun will conjunct Mercury at 24 degrees. This isn’t the rarest of transits, but it is important. This conjunction occurs in Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury, which is in its own sign; making it a little bit special. Conjunctions, also known as cazimi– are a fusion and integration of the energy of two planets, whose energies will end up affecting our psyches.  

Mercury being a planet of thinking, understanding, researching, learning, and communicating; there is this idea thing going on. Sun being linked to our essence, identity, and ego, this idea will feel close to us. With any transit, we feel its impending energy before and after it happens. There are ideas and there is some thought that becomes a big deal, or a genesis point. Something germinates through this huge curiosity vibe. How we think, how we seek to think, and our worldview is really coming into focus. This comes into who and what we value, and how we are choosing to move forward on a general, social level. There is a duality to Gemini. Our ideas, and the way we think always incorporates 2 sides, maybe more than 2 sides. But in the end a choice must be made, and will be made, and it is the folly of Gemini to believe that it can avoid this inevitability. Today, this inevitability will land at a genesis point, or integration. The choice is made, the project started, the seed is planted. 

As I said, this isn’t the rarest of transits. But one to note, for sure.

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