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June 16th Venus Will Strut Into Cancer, But Before That, An Interesting Finale to Her Tour of Gemini

A model walks down the runway.
Goodbye FOMO hello JOMO.

On June 16th Venus will walk the runway out of Gemini and into Cancer. But not before she makes a mutable square with Neptune at the 29th degree of Pisces, and that will be an interesting finale to her tour of Gemini. 

Let’s talk about Venus. She is how we receive, connect and dilate. It’s interesting that most of us want love and money, and we perceive these as things we must work hard at. And it’s true that we do need to work hard, but working hard at something is Mars, not Venus. Venus is the principle of what we attract, what we open to and what we naturally connect to. If we are grinding, we aren’t doing Venus. If we are trying really hard to make the relationship work, we aren’t doing Venus. Venus is receptivity, openness, and connection. Venus is associated with Taurus because it’s the ground the seed is planted in. It receives the seed and grows it. It rules  Libra because of the beauty of partnership, unity, and balance, it receives another. A counter balance.  Libra stands on the horizon of the equinox of day and night to distill a justice like no other, a beauty of symmetry. 

Venus in Gemini has been gathering information. Attracting conversations and social engagements. Venus in Gemini has had an intellectual flavor of curious interest, fuck around and find out vibe. She’s been in Gemini since  May 23rd and has bestowed her attractive energy in this mercurial area until this threshold, and what a threshold it is. There is a buzz to this idea, to these ideas that you have, and potentially they are lucrative, or going to go well! Lots of information has been gathered and we’ve decided what we want. 

The square with Neptune is at 8:44 pm PST/ 11:44 pm EST, and this isn’t the hugest deal except that this square is at 29 degrees, so there is an urgency attached to its mission. Mutable squares ask us to change, and may put us in situations that force us to deal with impending changes. This moment could have us confused or deluded, but maybe spiritually attuned and open to big love. Neptune is known as the higher octave of Venus, so there is a friction here between love and LOVE; and whatever all that means. Venus in the final degree of Gemini is going to look at the values and duality of a situation, and feel into the confusion. Neptune is going to obfuscate and cloud meaning, make things dreamy, metaphorical, hard to follow, and altered. Neptune knows how to show us the beauty of a dream, or art piece, but knows less about the concrete steps to make the dream happen. Neptune has us drunk, hallucinating, or in another realm. This last moment, this friction will take Gemini Venus to her exit. What is real, and what does she want? This experience of Venus's outro reminds me of these words:

Vows are spoken

To be broken

Feelings are intense

Words are trivial

Pleasures remain

So does the pain

Words are meaningless

And forgettable

-Depeche Mode Enjoy the Silence

Venus walks through this runway and finds herself with way less people around.  Way less party. Maybe she’s home safe, from the fray of all the misleading ideas, and dreams and promises. Venus moves into Cancer at 11:20 pm PST/ June 17th 2:20 am EST. This is a different kind of receptivity. 

Gemini Venus was out there talking, learning, and understanding new ideas. Cancer Venus wants a home base and a safe emotional scene. This Venus has heard enough words and now wants protection, family, closeness. This can be hard to find or cultivate for some of us. But there will be an imperative.

Cancer Venus will have us wanting to make our homes beautiful, and be with people who make us feel at home. Cancer Venus will want to feel safe financially, physically, and emotionally, and will do whatever she can to protect that safety. This Venus will want to be out of the fray, and sidestep impending issues. It won’t let in what doesn’t feel safe for everyone, and it will create a container for magic!

Remember that Cancer season begins after the solstice. Cancer is a cardinal sign, and therefore it initiates a season, and helps move us into summer. Venus gets there a few days early to make sure that the place is going to be beautiful, cozy, and ready to have people over. There is new energy on the horizon with this ingress, new capacity for emotional connection, new containers for creativity and abundance. If Venus in Gemini was a huge dilation, Venus in Cancer will be setting limits, boundaries, and protective stops to ensure that all are safe, thriving, and growing. To create a container, one must design what can come in, and what cannot. In Cancer, Venus is more protective than in Gemini. She has to be, she is setting the stage, building it so that they come.

We say too much about Cancer being a sign of emotions, sensitivity, and motherhood (none of which is wrong,) and not enough about how artistic, innovative, and resourceful it is. Venus in Cancer is highly receptive, some would say fertile, and have made a place to create something. Aquarius builds innovation with its mind, but Cancer, with its feelings. The Moon (Cancer's ruler) is receptive of Sun’s light, just as Venus is how we attract.

What are you open to?

What are you no longer open to?

What do you want to create in your container? Are you ready to protect it?

Do you feel blocked in receiving abundance? If so, where does that sit in your body? Are you protecting something that needs to be released?

Back to your container: what does emotional safety mean to you? Do you create that in your home and environment?

What do you need to feel deep connection?

What do you need to feel deep abundance?

If you don’t feel as safe as you’d like to, is there something you can do, or a boundary you can set, to feel safer?

Remember, we all have Cancer in some place in our charts, and that is where we are fiercely protective, creative, and need to feel safe. It is a birthright. It's also where we are emotionally empathic and receptive. We have a 6th sense in this part of our chart. Did you know I read charts?

Please take a moment to contemplate your emotional safety as we cross this threshold into the depth of the year. Soon it will be solstice, and a sacred turning point for us all. Get your art supplies ready. It's time to create.

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