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June 8th: Mars Moves Into Taurus: It’s The Fire We Carry Through The Mud

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Sometimes you don't recognise yourself.

On June 8th, 9:35 pm PST/ June 9th 12:35 am EST Mars will leave its home sign of Aries for the slower roll of Taurus. There will be a dramatic energy shift for all of us when this happens, because while Mars rules Aries, it is known to be in its detriment in Taurus, because it’s a Venus-ruled sign. I watched an interesting talk with Gemini Brett on this idea of planets in detriment, which is an ancient concept. I am paraphrasing, but he seemed to not like the word detriment, because it isn’t helpful and that the planet is just more likely to act eccentrically, or differently than we would normally associate its energy. That resonated with me, and I like this way of describing the planets in this way because honestly, when Mars is in Aries (it's home sign,) I find the energy to be intense. Mars’s job– in all of us, and collectively– is to initiate and express energy. One of the biggest initiatory emotions is anger, and there has been a loosened valve of rage and frustration running through the collective. Anger is an uncomfortable emotion and many believe it’s negative. 

With Mars's ingress into Taurus, that fiery energy is not going away or becoming subdued, it’s just going to express differently. Mars isn’t just about anger, of course, it’s about sexual energy, motivation, and inner fire. It’s an innate drive within us. In Taurus-- Mars will be more grounded, slower to react, strategic, and focused. If, in Aries, Mars flies off the handle and forgets to check itself, in Taurus, it will be controlled and sustaining. It will keep going and do what needs to be done with less wreckage. Taurus knows how to take breaks and let things sit. Taurus is in for the long haul, and it’s approach to fire is a bit more like the burning embers that were from last night's bonfire; the flame is still very much there, but it’s waiting for the right time to ignite.

No transit is happening in a vacuum. Every transit is working with the other cycle to bring us to where we need to be. Some are overarching, or more noticeable to us if the astrology hits points or planets in our own natal chart, but essentially we are being carried on a voyage together, and the collective vibe is a large part of our reality. 

Earlier on June 8th, Gemini Venus will square Pisces Saturn @ 19 degrees 1:08 am PST/ 4:08 am EST. Squares initiate with a similar vibe to Mars, usually with a frustration that is designed to make us grow, and in this case this mutable square is trying to usher us into change. These two planets and signs are really incongruent to each other. Gemini Venus is chatty, social, and light hearted. It tends toward more superficial connection and preference, it’s not trying to solve world peace in its encounters, it’s more curious, welcoming, and unattached to outcomes. Pisces Saturn on the other hand, is deeper, spiritually aware. Saturn is a social planet, so there is something about us within the collective, and it won’t let us get away with anything that isn’t essential, important, rooted in the work that we are here to do in the world, and connected to the universal one-ness. Pisces Saturn is serious, and will let us know, indelicately, that we are anchored to the deep part of the ocean.

This square is mounting as I write this, and it’s preparing us for the energetic change, grounding all this Gemini energy into something with more substance than it’s used to. The Moon is at home in Cancer all day, adding the emotional depth to this light, airy vibe with 4 planets in Gemini, including Jupiter which is separating from a trine with Aquarius Pluto. What does this mean? Lots of thinking and exploring, but lots of accountability to emotions.  We will be presented with our state of emotional maturity, our responsibility to others will be in play, and the emotional field within we find ourselves will help turn up the volume.

Back to Mars in Taurus; this transit is supported by this idea of making it real. Mars in Aries brings an unfiltered desire, gone wild. It’s got rage, passion, sex, fervor, and all kinds of fire running through it. In Taurus, Mars has to direct that energy into actual life forms. We have to do the work. We have to keep going. We have to do what needs to be done. Taurus is linked to the idea of commitment. It’s the fire we carry through the mud– we can’t bring all the fire— but we commit to some, and that is how Mars moves here. The square with Venus and Saturn earlier points us to how this lesson will be experienced. 

What truly matters to you?

What (and who) is sacred to you?

In what ways does your life reflect your values?

Can you commit to doing something differently to make your actions even more aligned with your values?

Are you scared or is there wounding around being able to act from your wild self? What does that bring up?

On June 9th, Gemini Sun will square Saturn to push this all home. When Sun squares Saturn, we will have an integrated, conscious adoption of all this light-and-fun versus deep-and-spiritual training. We'll be contending with our own propulsion. Taurus Mars is going to work, but what is going to work on?  What are you going to work on?

We will learn something in the next 48 hours about ourselves and our values. 

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The beautiful flow of words you have chosen reflect the flow of these energies so perfectly. Thanks

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