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March 17th's Sun Conjunct Neptune in Pisces: This is an Opening

A big wave around the sun
Tidal wave of the womb of creation.

At 4:09 am PST/ 7:09 am EST the Sun will conjunct Neptune at 27 degrees of Pisces. The Sabian symbol for this degree is A fertile garden under the full moon. This is some big empathic and psychic energy. There is so much potential here for us to absorb the secrets of the universe, to pull in the vibe of compassion, universal love, beauty, art, oceanic waves, and seeing the children of the earth as souls that are just trying to figure this out. This is beautiful, beautiful energy. This is an opening.

If you are an artist, this is a fruitful time. Get your paints, pens, clay, blowtorches, fabric and tools ready; the divine is sending you some vision. If you are walking a spiritual path and need guidance, healing, ritual, in your life– this is water that is consecrated from the divine.

There’s also a shadow side to it; this is a large dilation. One can get lost in the sauce, pixelated, absorbed into the drift. It may feel difficult to know boundaries and the emotional flow could be overwhelming. There are martyrs, victims, and marginalized in this ocean, and this dilation is for them too. There could be confusion. There could be dissolution.

The time leading up to this moment is ripening this energy, and by around 8 pm PST/ 11 pm EST March 16th it really starts to orb. The Gemini Moon will square it to add a little anxiety, and communicative buzz to the pot. You can sponge into these waters, no matter what you’re doing that day/night. You don’t need to do anything fancy to engage and merge. You can be alone with a sketchbook in bed, out with some friends, building something, on the night shift at work, holding a baby; anything you are doing is right. To harness this power: go into your depth, and self. Your consciousness will expand, even during a mundane task. The beauty of this energy is universal love.

When I say universal love,  I need to remind you that love like that hurts. Universal love is blissful and it’s painful. Some people are hard to love, sometimes it’s hard to love ourselves. Sometimes it’s hard to care about people with so much trauma. Sometimes we love people who do horrible things. Sometimes we do horrible things. Universal love is a big flex.

This love is big, it’s hard to bear. Any mother has touched it,  because this love is the womb of creation.

This can feel like a cosmic infusion or a gravity whirlpool. Keep your wits about you, and hold firm what is holding things together.

This big tidal wave is here to heal you, help you, and love you. But remember that you aren’t thinking clearly; you are feeling deeply. They aren’t the same thing. Saturn is still in Pisces reminding us about our boundaries. What is solid and what is not? It’s easy to get caught up or confused in this mélange, and yet it can be powerful to feel this psychic energy. Love hard people!

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