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Mars squares Pluto on June 11th: Sparks Will Fly

two women are down for a fight
Battle it out, but fairly.

On June 11th, Mars in Taurus will square Pluto in Aquarius at 6:11 am PST/ 9:11 am EST. We have been feeling this applying square days before it happens, and we’ve just shifted into a new way of expressing energy since Mars just entered Taurus. Fixed squares are like a grinding of gears especially between these two powerful planets. Sparks will fly.

Mars is how we express our energy, will, and desire, it’s personal to us. Mars initiates. Pluto is known as the “higher octave” of Mars, so when it initiates, it’s on a bigger, wider, grander scale. It does so for a bigger agenda. Pluto is known as a destroyer, but also a revealer. Pluto investigates, and shows what was hidden. A lot of 2021 had this Taurus - Aquarius square flavor, so it’s not unfamiliar territory for us to feel this kind of friction and heat. We are supposed to grow out of this, with something new, sustaining, and better for humanity.

Expressing your desire and will in a real, tangible way won’t necessarily gel with Pluto’s need to reveal what’s already there, and make us deal with it. Sometimes we are on a path to the future and there is an elephant in the room. Aquarius Pluto says we have to deal with the elephant. 

While this is happening, Chiron in Aries will be making a sextile to Sun and Venus in Gemini, lending some healing potential to this jarring energy. Sun and Venus are looking at your identity and subjective experience, there’s some wisdom supporting whatever discomfort is forcing its hand with this square.  This hopefully anchors you to deal with dominating forces or power plays that may come into your purview. Or you yourself could find a mounting desire or need to assert yourself. Perhaps you have an agenda, perhaps you are just trying to survive. Whatever the driver, it’s tricky energy to navigate whether it is coming down on us or coming through us. 

Saturn throws its hat in the ring with squares to Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Gemini, just to keep us on task, and doing our spiritual work. If we fall into shadow behavior, Saturn will smack us down and make us work harder. We don’t get away with rushing anything with Saturn. Pluto is making a separating trine with Gemini Jupiter, so there’s some real checks and balances in the sky asking us to watch our words and actions. We’ve been set up with gifts to navigate this energy; and our higher self could prevail! 

Are there areas where you’re wanting to force an issue? Are you having power struggles that are preventing you from acting as you want to?

Do you feel like someone is trying to control you, or where you feel like you are being controlled? Are you wanting to break free? 

Do you feel like it’s time to put your foot down, resist what’s happening, or let something blow up because it’s unsustainable? Can you do this in integrity?

Are there areas where you simply give up your authority or autonomy to disastrous consequences? Is fear getting in your way, or are you repeating a pattern that you haven’t questioned until now? What are ways that you could act differently?

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