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May 13th: Sun Conjunct Uranus in Taurus: How Do You Value Yourself?

A man paints a mountain scene.
What does freedom mean to you?

On May 13th, at 2:08 am / 5:08 am EST, the Sun will conjunct Uranus in Taurus. This happens once a year, and this year it happens at 23 degrees. The Sabian Symbol for this position is fiercely with human scalps hanging at his belt so there is the idea of taking what is ours, being a successful leader, and flexing your power. There is a strong vibe of claiming a place in the world, but of course there are ideas of territoriality, violation, taking because you can, and domination. There are both beautiful and ruthless ways to come into your power, and we see this reverberate through the world. 

This is the space where the Sun will meet Uranus. The Sun is our consciousness, the grand consciousness that we are all linked to, and Uranus is the transpersonal planet concerned with change, revolution, an impulse to freedom and technology, and humanity. This transit and applying conjunction is being felt by many already. 

Taurus gets into our food security and food issues, our ideas about having enough or being comfortable, the work that must be done to sustain ourselves and have enough through the year. We can already feel those themes coming deeper into our consciousness as we work through Taurus season. Insecurity runs deep sometimes, and there might be tangible reasons for it– trusting our bodies, trusting our idea of abundance, trusting that everything will be OK. Some of us have issues around this, some of us can’t see that even though we are whatever age we are, that we have made it this far and things have worked out. Maybe not how we wanted, but we did make it to today. 

This idea of things working out gets into all kinds of messy Venus (ruler of Taurus) stuff. Finances, connection, who and what we value, what we actually want. 

Uranus isn’t going to let us hide from our work around this during this conjunction, it’s going to make us see it, and bring it into our awareness. Uranus’s impulse will be to free us from something that is holding us back. 

This fundamental conjoining is here to give you divine insight about your egoic awareness around security. This is about you and your worth. 

The world is involved here, the overall story arc will hit on some level, whether you are dealing with climate change, housing insecurity, food insecurity, employment insecurity, or any other real world circumstance. This is all in play while you contend with this divine insight and consciousness. 

How do you value yourself?

What are you working towards? Does it reflect your values?

Are you able to take space? Where is your impulse to freedom?

Do you know your worth?

Do you downplay your gifts, your love, your contributions and hide them away in the dark? Do you know that you are a needed energy to bring forth humanity in a real and tangible way? What are you giving the world?

This isn’t about becoming a YouTube celebrity or topping up your bank account (although your bank account likely will get stirred up in this question.) This is about what you actually bring to the table, what you can claim and lead with, and what your gift is to humanity. When I talk about worth, I’m not talking about the capitalist version of worth. This is who you are when no one is looking. This is how you show up on the worst day.

Do you know your worth? Are you connecting with those who know your worth? Are you valuing yourself enough? If you have planets or points between 18-28 degrees in fixed signs, or if you are a Taurus, Aquarius, or Leo Rising; this might be a bit louder of a transit for you.

Uranus transits are mysteriously surprising harbingers of change. How will you free yourself from what is holding you back?

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Thanks for this (and all) your beautiful readings. I enjoy so much your clarity of spech and vision; touching deeply into a personal soul level.

Sort of like putting on my reading glasses and getting a true focus.

So often your choice of words is unexpectedly delightful. Nowhere to hide. thanks Elisabeth

Me gusta
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