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May 25th: Jupiter Ingresses in Gemini: We Are Dealing With A Whole New Deck Of Cards

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What's the buzz?

On May 25th, at 4:15 pm PST, Jupiter enters Gemini for over a year until June 9th 2025. This transit happened last in June 2012- June 2013 previously and this period of time, if you can remember it, will have had expansions in one area of your life. 

Jupiter is a planet of how we interact in the collective, and it gets into our belief system, which is often shared with others in our social sphere. Jupiter causes augmentation, growth, and expansion, and for that reason it’s considered a benefic planet; we look to Jupiter for blessings, because more is more. 

But of course, Jupiter can make an ego, a belt loop, an addiction, or an economic system grow, and it is not always a blessing to have more. Jupiter shows us the possibilities, but doesn’t have the mechanism to stop at too much.

We are at the end of Jupiter’s tour of Taurus. Taurus is a Venus-led sign that gets into our security, our connections, our ability to do the long-haul, and our need for comfort and pleasures. We’ve been really opening up to what this is fundamentally for us because Taurus is all about what is real and tangible, and it gets into our finances big time. This tour probably had you focused on your beliefs around abundance and lack. This gets into relationships too; are you connecting to that which you value most, or even– what do you value in another person, and what do you believe you are doing with them? What do you believe about your closest connections and the world you are engaging in? 

We did an expansion of ourselves, getting into what our innate talents are, and what we bring to the table. We all have a towel to throw into the ring. What is real about you now more than it was a year ago? What makes you secure, and ready for the long haul, and are you valuing that? Are you valuing yourself?

With Jupiter’s ingress into Gemini, we are dealing with a whole new deck of cards. The tempo picks up, the buzz is in the air, conversations and ideas spread. This is about narrative, story, information, and sharing. This is about pollinating. There will be things to explore, to believe in, and there will be ideas that grow. The word will matter, so we will want to choose the words, mantras, and self talk that propels what we want to see multiply. We want to expand  together into something that is powerfully beautiful, and it starts with our ideas.

Let’s also make sure that we don’t try to bypass what is real and happening just because it isn’t love and light. Real life has pain, trauma and darkness, and while that can really hold down a room, it can also be witnessed, integrated, and held while we are trying to enjoy life as well. There is a danger in Gemini energy to avoid what is emergent, dense, and moving slow and heavy.  This energy needs to be buoyed by the buzz, not pushed to the back of the room while we contend with overwhelm, anxiety, and all kinds of other frays on our divine channel. The heavy energy tempers and grounds where we can spin out. What is real, here, and heavy might be what keeps us from being swept away in information overload. Our minds are tender, so expanse in this curious confusion can cause some of us to spill over with manic tendencies. Beliefs are powerful. 

Gemini Jupiter will make us want to learn, get more info, go down a rabbit hole. This is a time that you could look at your modes of communication and how they work for you. You could take some bold steps on saying what needs to be said. 

Maybe you might want to think about saying NO sometimes. Jupiter in Gemini wants to say yes to a lot of stuff, but gets caught in the minutiae. There is no way you can do or expand on everything you want to. There will be a need to distill what is important.

Jupiter is in its detriment in Gemini because it’s so big picture, and the twins are so in the present moment, there’s this idea of a deluge of conversation, information, and networking to be sorted through. Politics, journalism, isms in general will start to wash over the collective, it will be our job to sort through the information, prioritize what’s truly important, and focus on what is essential. This is a theme, Jupiter wants us to expand on the highest growth level, and Gemini likes to stay with what’s here and now. This will be interesting work for those with Gemini placements to come to terms with the bigger theme.  We will need to recentre. Those with mutable placements are going to feel some push to root and rise with this tour. The energy will be frenetic, the conversations will be wild.

Jupiter in Gemini asks you to think about your words, your beliefs, and where it all goes. As you follow your curiosity, and thirst to the next goal, what words, ideas, and buzz will get you there. How do you work within the collective? Jupiter is a social planet in the sign of socializing. There’s big wisdom to come through this transit, from unexpected places. 

How will you find your centre? What is your centre? Take a moment to think about that as we embark on this cosmic mind pinata. Knowing who your body is, and what your purpose is, and emotionally who you are-- will help you know how to be the best you when so much information comes in.


Jupiter will tour Gemini. I suggest you meditate.

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