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May 29th Mars Will Conjunct Chiron in Aries: Be Your Own Healer

A child has a tantrum in the restaurant.
We are all this child in the fast food restaurant.

On May 29th, 10 a:08 am PST/ 1:08 pm EST, Mars will conjunct Chiron in Aries. Likely, you are already feeling this transit. Mars is the planet of will, initiation, desire, and determines how we move our energy. It is what moves our body, and it determines what we want. Mercury (our brain) might have stories, ideas, and conversations that help us determine what we want, but Mars is a more primal version of desire and will. It is further ingrained in us. Its actual function is to initiate. I went to school for acting, and the primary method of understanding a character, also known as the Stanislavski Method (or method acting) comes down to what the character wants. That is true in acting because it is also true in life.

Mars is currently in its home sign of Aries, which is unfiltered and raw self. It is the wild self that we cannot hide or suppress, it is the expression of identity and ego, of movement, and Mars works very well here. 

Mars is also associated with anger and war. We don’t like this side of Mars, and we don’t, as a society like to see it, or experience it ourselves and others. We all know that anger is a big motivator for change. Let that sink in for a moment. If we suppress our anger, we stay in something longer. Extend that to war. We all want to avoid it, except those that want something different. To some people, every day survival is living war. 

Have you felt angry lately? Have you been ready to burn something to the ground?

Chiron– the wounded healer– is an asteroid that orbits in the Kyper belt somewhere between Saturn (the last social planet)and Uranus (the first transpersonal planet) is known to point us to our great role in humanity. We all get a great big Chiron wound in our life, one that seems to never heal, and one that comes up again and again at key times in our life. Sometimes we don’t even know it’s a huge wound because it’s something we carry around so long, it just feels like life. Chiron is directly associated with DNA, and our ancestral lineage. Our wound is likely shared with those before us, and will like through families. This is an amazing thing to see as an astrologer; how much this comes up in family astrology. Of course great wounds in early life have a correlation to our family of origin, or things that happen in early life. That wound is, according to the Chiron myth, the key to how we become a healer, and do healing work in the collective. 

This doesn’t mean that all of sudden you are a reiki master, or medicine worker. Parents can be healers. Care workers are healers. Social workers are healers. Hairdressers are healers. Friends are healers. We do healing work when we bring our experience, empathy, and honesty to what we do. We all contribute to the advancement of humanity with our unique blueprint.

When Mars conjuncts Chiron, something that happens roughly once every 2 years, there is a flare up. Especially if this happens in Aries, because Aries doesn’t filter its emotions. Aries is the baby of the zodiac: it cries when it is upset, it screams when it is scared, it acts when it knows what it wants. So there is this blending of raw emotion and of wounding together that serves a purpose on an identity level, but it might be something to be aware of. If you are someone who often is unaware of how you feel, or consider yourself level-headed, you might want to be aware of this mounting energy. You are not immune to how quickly this energy can emerge. We get this energy collectively, and we will all be dealing with each other’s wounds and primal drives. 

There is a purpose to this transit, and that’s to help us identify our own needs and how that interplays with our identity wound. This transit is to help us understand what we really need, desire, and how we can heal. Like a fever pitch, this shows us where we need to take action, and will underpin how we move forward in the world. This transit might feel overwhelming, angry, highly charged, or raw, and that’s the point. Take care of yourself, and see if you can be your own healer.

What is coming up right now around anger, rage, sexuality, or wounding? What can you do to take care of yourself and your energy? Is there a way to channel your energy into physical activity, or something that works for you? Can you have compassion for your wounding and others as it comes into your sphere? Can you let the feelings be there, and experience them, without taking action?

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So beautiful your wide horizon of healing....Thanks😊

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