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Monday January 15th & Tuesday January 16th

Monday January 15

Pisces Moon square Sagittarius Venus @ 20 degrees

4:47 am PST/ 7:47 am EST

Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune @ 25 degrees

1:03 pm PST/ 4:03 pm EST

Pisces Moon is a moon of endings, dreams, intuition, and dissolving. Sagittarius Venus is optimistic, idealistic, and quickly runs to what it wants. These two will make a mutable square, demanding change from your needs and values. These two may be at odds, or stressed. This is supposed to move you. But of course we never like endings and we are often scared of the unknown. 

This theme will continue with Moon conjunct Neptune. Our needs, emotional bodies, and our cycles may have come to some sort of close, and we may be confused. We may feel like we are staring into the void, or that we just have no idea what to do with ourselves. This energy can be unnerving, and it can also be liberating. If you can find a root of compassion and love, for yourself, your situation and others, you’ll be golden. But remember Neptune has shadow invitations– into substances, addictions, martyrdom, and delusion. Stay with your core of compassion for yourself and others, and find your centre in the storm.

Tuesday January 16th

Aries Moon square Capricorn Mercury @ 2 degrees

1:04 am PST/ 4:04 am EST

Aries Moon square Capricorn Mars @ 9 degrees

12:12 pm PST/ 3:12 pm EST

Aries Moon conjunct Chiron @ 15 degrees

11:19 pm PST/ January 17th 2:19 pm EST

Moon square Mercury. Our thoughts and conversations may ignite some big feelings. There might be a burst of emotion or even a tantrum. There might be a situation where you have to hold your tongue, or plan an escape. Whatever the scenario, you’ll be served by keeping your cool and not succumbing to the temptation of immediate high drama in whatever happens.

Moon square Mars. In this cardinal square we have emotions and action. Capricorn Mars knows how to execute with efficiency and strategy. But Aries Moon might force action without planning. Capricorn Mars will work hard if it can but Aries Moon might blow things up, or react emotionally. There is a crunchy moment where you’ll have to choose between your feelings and how you move that energy. 

 Action without sentiment is the ruin of the soul- Edward Abbey

Moon conjunct Chiron suggests that you might have big feelings of hurt and wounding today. Those feelings are a way to process, so it can be a good thing, even if it feels like a flare up of an old sadness or rejection. This is about your individuation process, and healing is usually messy. We like healing to look like resort spas and wind chimes. We don’t like to look tear stained on the floor. But that is how it often does look, and you aren’t doing it wrong if it isn’t pretty.

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