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Monday January 22nd

Gemini Moon square Pisces Neptune @ 25 degrees

5:20 am PST/ 8:20 am EST

Gemini Moon opposes Sagittarius Venus @ 29 degrees

12:38 pm PST/ 3:38 pm EST

Moon square Neptune, a confusing mess. We don’t know what to say and we don’t know how to love sometimes. Our need for disseminating information and connection with others meets a deep spiritual need to lay it all down, but is there a point to this?. You may have a delusion or confusion with this energy that shows up as a physical pivot or need for change. There is a reason you have to contend with these big questions and that is that you need something to cast from. You are pulling change, like a string, through the water, and you don’t always know how to connect with who and what is important.

Moon oppose Venus says that we will  have some toil with someone else. This is about truth, communication, understanding, connection, and value. The energy is cracking through at 29 degrees, there is a push to really reach the ideal and the most fascinating connection. There is a desire to feel and share, and yet we may find ourselves unable to find the actual truth, the actual understanding. This is difficult because it demands that there will be change.

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