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Astrology Transits Monday March 11th : Loving Hard Requires Loving Yourself.

Two people finding a way to talk in the urban landscape.
We are working it all out.

Venus exalted in Pisces until April 4th

2:50 pm PST/ 5:50 pm EST

Aries Moon conjunct North Node @ 15 degrees

6:18 pm PST/ 9:18 pm EST

Aries Moon conjunct Chiron @ 17 degrees

9:42 pm PST/ March 12th 12:42 am EST

OK everyone. Venus is in Pisces today until April 4th and this is the time for pixelating into the vortex of romantic notions. This Venus loves a Sid & Nancy, Moulin Rouge tale. There’s something transcendent, deep, spiritual, about this way of connecting and valuing. But make no mistake, there’s something about this Venus that allows us to curl up in our delusions. Allows us to believe in a dream. Allows us to fall into a whirlpool of expectation, idealism, poetry, and that which will destroy us. There is something spiritual and unifying about this way of connecting, of valuing, of making this bet. But remember, you are planting a flag in the ocean. This beauty is transcendent, full of potential, luminous, full of depth, and artistic. That is everything, but it could be nothing. Watch yourself and the tricks you fall for in this transit. Empaths beware.

Empaths beware!

Those that serve the marginalized, the addicted, the dying, please keep your boundaries in place and center in yourself. This is a powerful dilation that is both intoxicating and destructive. If you truly do walk the line, remember you need to ground/ base yourself/ take solo time. You are powerful and vulnerable at the same time. Loving hard requires loving yourself.

 Loving hard requires loving yourself.

Moon conjunct North Node. Who are you becoming? Who do you feel like? What are you wanting to bring into the world? Are you just surviving and feel like you just want to take a beat? Instinctually, in this moment, you can see yourself and your fate?  Maybe you’re having a shower, you’re in the process of talking to your kid, or you’re cleaning up a mess. I say this to point out how life works, and how you can be doing this mundane thing, and yet tap into, some new part of yourself, some fresher part of yourself and recognize it as a way forward. Maybe? What are you starting to know in your body?

What are you starting to know in your body?

Moon conjunct Chiron. This says we feel the wound. But the wound is our teacher, our identity, and our essential gift to to the world. This isn’t a huge deal transit but we have been going through some identity wound stuff lately and when Moon hits it, we feel it through our bones and organs. Our experience of the world is related to Moon, and when it turns to our big hurt, we find ourself backtracking. How can you accept yourself, no matter what has happened? What are you learning about  your ability to help other people, how is your experience healing to others?

What are you learning about  your ability to help other people, how is your experience healing to others?

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