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Monday March 4th

Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Neptune @ 26 degrees

7:40 am PST/ 10:40 am EST

Moon square Neptune. Confusion abounds. How is your relationship with hope and optimism? There is difficulty in understanding or avoiding what’s going on right now. There is an impulse to move forward, follow our instincts to where we need to be, and there is a need to recognize that we might be riding through the fog.  Neptune is the ocean of everything, a life force of love that keeps going and going. No beginning or end. It’s not tangible, and that is difficult when you are trying to navigate life.

This Pisces energy is porous. We are feeling the feelings of a thousand souls and we are navigating our lives within all this confusion. We are coming to breaking points where things just don’t work, no matter how hard we try, no matter how hard we try to adapt. The dam has broken and the water is all around us. We have to keep swimming.

Our will, desires, and values are coming into friction with our status quo operating system. We are questioning our beliefs. All this relationship work has us disoriented, and some of us are in deep pain. 

Remember that this is Pisces season, and an excellent time to find our spiritual centre. Perhaps today is the day we try to meditate, or spend some time alone writing. Perhaps today is the day we pick up the paintbrush and just play with colour. However stuck this energy makes us feel, however hard it is to let go of people, things, places, ideas we had, we can always harness this energy for something more, deeper, and universal. 

Whatever painful threshold we are walking through, it’s there to help direct you to the deepest of love. This isn’t romantic sexy love, I’m talking about. This is the love you feel as you try to survive. The love you feel for yourself, the planet, for the opportunity for one more sunset, one more hug. The love you have for one more moment.  We don’t think about that love so much, until something is ending. We don’t think about how much we love the people or things all around us, how they bring us silent joy on the darkest of days, and yet, there is so much that we love even when we are in pain and confusion.

Can you access this love? Can you feel the gratitude for this moment, however painful, or sad, or lonely it is? Because there you are– feeling something– and that is the love that created you from stardust. Real love is what carries you through lifetimes, what makes you create music and art. Real love is in you right now, and it is infinite.

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