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Monday May 13th: We Can See a New Opening

A path leading to somewhere.
Follow the path.

Taurus Sun conjunct Uranus @ 23 degrees

2:08 am PST/ 5:08 am EST

Cancer Moon trine Pisces Neptune @ 29 degrees

2:12 am PST/ 5:12 am EST

Leo Moon opposes Aquarius Pluto @ 2 degrees

7:33 am PST/ 10:33 am EST

Leo Moon trine Aries Mars @ 10 degrees

11:46 pm PST/ May 14th 2:46 am EST

We begin the day with a conjunction between Sun and Uranus. Something unexpected could come into your consciousness. You may have an impulse to free yourself from something or start of new chapter of freeing yourself. Sometimes it’s what you love most that is destroying you. The divine insight of surprise will let us know what needs to be contended with. How should you actually move forward with real life?

Moon trine Neptune. This is an emotional healing point. Something urgently needs to come to fruition. The Moon in Cancer is the pinnacle of emotional safety and all the things that affect it. Neptune in Pisces is about delusion, compassion and dilation to the all. Sometimes we can really struggle with safety, love, and compassion. Sometimes everyone is coming from different angles about what this means. Generally, we all don’t know what needs to be dropped from our experience, and we don’t know what is actually holding us down. Perhaps we get a glimpse into this tonight, and we can see a new opening. 

Moon opposes Pluto. Our needs and desire for safety come into relationship tension with the growth we need to make. Pluto wants to move us forward into the future, but it is working on us internally. Something might come up regarding how we feel safe and what we need to feel safe moving forward in our relationships. We may need to feel seen, or appreciated and feel that this is not happening. We are moving forward whatever the scenario. 

Moon trine Mars. Our bodies and instincts want us to move with determination and chutzpah. We have the will, desire, and energy to move forward, and our bodies are on board. We have been seen and recognized, and there is inspiration in the air.

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May 13

'Sometimes it’s what you love most that is destroying you..' Yes.

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