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Monday November 27th, and Tuesday November 28th

Monday November 27th

Full Moon in Gemini @ 4 degrees

1:14 am PST/ 4:14 am EST

Sagittarius Mercury square Pisces Neptune @ 24 degrees

5:15 am PST/ 8:15 am EST

This full Moon culminates where the information goes and how it disseminates. We have hit an ending with it, and there is Pisces Saturn T squaring to let us learn what we need to learn. This full Moon carries a lesson, and we will learn it, but we might not even know we are learning it. Something has changed and will change.

Mercury squares Neptune for some confusion and dreamy obfuscation. Your judgment might be impaired today while you figure out what you mean and what you are doing. We can lose the plot and get embroiled in something that was never ours in the first place. Change is in the air, and it’s confusing.

November 28th

Gemini Moon trine Libra Venus @ 22 degrees

9:51 am PST/ 12:51 am EST

Gemini Moon square Pisces Neptune @ 24 degrees

1:29 pm PST/ 4:29 pm EST

Gemini Moon opposes Sagittarius Mercury @ 26 degrees

5:02 pm PST/ 8:02 pm EST

Moon trine Venus for some beneficial cognitive function, understanding, and insight. We are smarter in how we approach things and more inspired. We are thinking on our toes, and our bodies and relationships are benefiting with this pull to share and balance information.

Moon makes a mutable square to Neptune suggesting it might take a confusing turn and think we know something or get off course with what we know. Neptune offers big ideas and concepts, but little certainty. What is certain is that change is afoot, and that this square is offering the change up on a platter. But the platter is covered, and hasn’t been brought out from the kitchen yet, so here you are trying to understand and share information and ideas, without having the full story, and trying to fill in the holes. Let it slide for now if you can.

The opposition to Mercury says that you might have relationship friction within this informational theme. This polarity is about what is true; in the body and in the mind. Conversations might come short because truth is subjective and the body and mind are rarely in sync these days. Sometimes both people can be right, and yet be on two different planets.

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