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Sunday November 26th

Taurus Moon conjunct Uranus @ 20 degrees

12:01 am PST/ 3:01 am EST

Taurus Moon trine Capricorn Pluto @ 28 degrees

1:50 pm PST/ 4:50 pm EST

T:square: Gemini Moon @ 0 degrees opposing Sagittarius Mars @ 1 degree, Pisces Saturn at apex @ 0 degrees

7:20 pm PST/ 10:20 pm EST

Gemini Moon oppose Sagittarius Mars @ 1 degree

8:07 pm PST/ 11:07 pm EST

New information could flow through you today, and your body might be the bearer of information that you can’t unsee. This is to move you forward, but it might not feel that way in the moment. You may be in awe or shock with your new understanding of things. Trust it even if it’s a big shift.

Moon trine Pluto to hammer this home. Something needs to transform and your baseline may have gone through a power shift. This might be from something simple and mundane, like your body knowing something or recognizing a piece of a whole. Whatever is happening, it’s for your benefit, and it should happen rather effortlessly.

We are getting ready for a big full moon and really it starts with and a mutable T-square. Mars and Moon opposing and apexing with Saturn is a part of the flavor and it begins today. You may be having a relationship moment where needs of one, actions of another are creating tension, and the only way you can get out of this fraught moment is through big change, big lessons based in reality, and (likely) something will have to give. Mars in Sagittarius shoots perhaps too quickly, Moon in Gemini needs to move around and share, and Pisces Saturn needs something to end, and for a structure to dissolve. This will be uncomfortable and remain uncomfortable until the denouement of the full moon.

Moon makes the exact opposition with Mars to get its ducks in a row for this change. You may feel agitation and pressure but there is something that needs to end, and it’s likely in a relationship that is important, and the tension is about what truth is, and what it can be. Change is upon us.

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