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Alignment in Purpose As We Grow; Thursday March 7th Transits

Some one in the crowd has something to say.
Bringing light to what's good for all.

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Jupiter @ 12 degrees

1:06 pm PST/ 4:06 pm EST

Aquarius Moon conjunct Mars @ 18 degrees

10:51 pm PST/ March 8th 1:51 pm EST

Moon square Jupiter. This Moon is ready to step up and do something unpredictable. Instinctually feeling the higher mind, the path forward. But coming into conflict or sharpness around foundational beliefs, work ethic, the safer way to grow, the expansion towards greater security and solidity. There’s this idea of knowing what to do and this issue of discomfort. Because all growth is uncomfortable. We are contending with how we move through our development. Are we evolving slowly and incrementally, or are we finding ourselves in alien territory, where everything is different and we have to pioneer every move? Could change be at your doorstep? Is your doorstep in front or behind you?

Moon conjunct Mars. Whatever you are contending with today, there’s desire, instinct, and will; and you might have a full body clarity on where to put your energy. This is coming from a bigger part of you, the part that is connected to the greater whole. There is alignment in purpose while you grow. Your body is in sync with your will, and this can be a powerful moment of you being ready to enact your own convictions. What do you know right now about where your energy wants and needs to be? How can you commit to yourself?

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