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Tuesday December 5th

Scorpio Venus trine Pisces Saturn @ 1 degree 2:43 pm PST/ 5:43 pm EST Virgo Moon square Sagittarius Sun @ 12 degrees 9:47 pm PST/ December 6th 12:47 am EST Virgo Moon trine Taurus Uranus @ 20 degrees 12:43 pm PST/ 3:43 pm EST This Scorpio Venus is going to have us behaving in all kinds of ways. It’s like this until December 29th. We have our fixations and obsessions. We have our kinks. Not all of them are illicit, but some of them are, and we hold them deep. We are focused on how to connect here. We are focused and determined but are we connecting? Our shadow might want to come out to play a bit, and Pisces Saturn will show us how much can come out and what can. Saturn is going to make you learn what you have to learn, so it’s good medicine to understand that there are boundaries to what you can have. To how far your desire can go. This is a trine, so for your benefit, but remember that water trines are for healing. Healing can be a bit difficult, right? The beauty is in the struggle of letting go; hold on to that. Healing is transformative, but not always pretty. Moon square Sun our bodies and minds are on a mutable ride. How does your body react to change? What shifts are you feeling? Is anything forcing you down some uneven steps. Is it tight and awkward? Is it difficult? Or is it easier than whatever was making things really hard for you? Moon trine Uranus– this earth trine will bring us something real. We are going to sense how to serve the greater good, we will be drawn to a analytical pull of “how do we do this better?” This moment will help us know what to do next. It’s here for you.

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