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Understanding Aries Energy

Updated: Mar 19

A ram is making a speech of victory.
A ram at the podium

Aries is the energy of the big bang, the spark of creation, of spirit. Aries is the first sign of the zodiacal year, and the sign of birth, youth, beginnings, and boldness. This energy is somewhere in every person’s chart. Aries is ruled by Mars, and is a cardinal sign, so a keyword of this energy is: initiation. Aries wants to go, and that is why it’s associated with things like race cars, sports, and start ups. It’s also a sign of identity– Aries is the impulse to understand our idea of self. Aries is known as being individualistic, and at times: selfish. But we need that part of us, an idea of our identity to exist in this world. Without an idea of our ego, we would be part of the cosmic soup, with no differentiation between ourselves and anyone else.

We correspond Aries to springtime (in the Northern Hemisphere,) to animals being born, new buds pushing up- and that is a great metaphor for this energy. There’s an almost violent thrust as a stem breaks a seed apart and shoots up through the soil. It’s often a fast transition, while the seed may have been laid long before, and there has been so much happening underground. To understand Aries energy is to connect with is the fast, powerful thrust of life, that is unapologetically ready to take space. 

It takes bravery and courage to stand in your power in the way a shoot will break out of the safety of a seed and say here I am. Aries energy is about working through this will, this confidence in existence. Aries energy in an impulse to take risks, go your own way, ignore your fears, and just do it. Aries doesn’t waste words or time– it’s blunt, honest, and trying to move forward. It’s propelled energy, and it’s on the move.

Because Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it’s associated with youth, children, and early development. Because children are typically unfiltered, you can see this energy emanate from them. We love their enthusiasm, and adherence to their own impulses. They say what they think, sometimes without regard for the consequences. They might also give into impulses without first thinking it through. 

Aries energy has shadow tendencies. Since Aries is a Mars-ruled sign, it is ready to fight if it needs to, and that can be an issue for people who don’t like confrontation. A trait like this can be annoying at a dinner party, but great when injustice is rearing its ugly head. This is where the competitive spirit of Aries can be harnessed for sports, or politics. No one wants war, or fighting, until they are being treated poorly, or unethically. Peace is only peace if it’s peaceful for everyone.

It’s known for bluntness or rudeness, being loud, brash or bossy, and, as I mentioned before: self involvement. Aries are known for being impatient, and they don’t like being ignored. One person’s selfishness is another’s self possession. What someone sees as bluntness could also be seen as forthrightness and clarity. A big emotional reaction could be experienced as a tantrum. As you can see, Aries energy can be experienced as a positive or negative. There are situations where Aries energy saves the day, and others where it ruins it, and that is true for any sign of the zodiac.

Element: Fire

Modality: Cardinal

Colours: Red and Orange

Day: Tuesday 

Aries Season: March 19th- April 19th

Ruling Planet: Mars

Symbol: the Ram

Keywords for your inner Aries: courage, adventure, self, identity, war, victory, youth, pioneering, Impulsive, unfiltered, playful, newness, birth, standing in your power.

Aries Playlist: Here

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