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Understanding Gemini Energy

Updated: Apr 7

Twins in the mirror.
Who are you and who am I?

Gemini energy is mutable air vibes. It's this sound of quick air moving. It's a whisper and an echo. After the Aries spark of life, Taurus gives sustenance and earth, this light airy dissemination of ideas comes forth to pollinate the world. This is Gemini.

Everyone has an area of their chart ruled by Gemini. You have this part of you, and it is beautiful, light, smart, and curious. You may have some planets in Gemini, or only one, or no planets, but this sign’s energy is in you, will guide some area of your life, and will be something you work with strongly during some cycles.

Gemini is represented by the twins; because Gemini represents inquisitiveness and willingness to understand duality. Gemini is not just interested in being yang, it wants to dabble and play in yin also. 

Gemini is a communicator, a storyteller, loves to sit in the problem, stir the problem, and look at the problem from every angle. Gemini’s curiosity is also a commitment to confusion, or at least, it doesn’t like to know the answer, or have the answer. It likes that there is no right answer, and likes to live in the duality of there being no certainty– because for Gemini, that’s where the magic is. Gemini likes to be perpetually amazed, surprised, overwhelmed, delighted. Gemini likes to pixelate.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and because of this shifting, and genderless ruler, Gemini can be accused of being inconstant and changeable. Mutable signs usher a season into transition, it is shapeshifting Gemini that in the Northern Hemisphere will take spring into summer, and in the Southern Hemisphere will take fall into winter. There is an intellectual rebellion against certainty that makes Gemini happy, or fulfilled; although they don’t really want to be fulfilled. Air signs do not like to be caged, and are concerned with what is just, right, or fair, but Gemini likes to question the whole game and operate outside of it. Gemini requires a degree of shock and awe in its world to move the element of air around– there’s more to the story, always, for Gemini energy.

Gemini is an information gatherer and disseminator that doesn’t like repetition or sameness. It doesn’t love routine either, and it will chase the next big curiosity or crisis in order to obliterate a foolish consistency. This is the shadow expression of Gemini: too entrenched in crisis, unable to make decisions or commit to a path or outcome, would rather hide than deal with whatever mess they helped create, and a sort of hand wringing avoidance of that which is stable, constant, or responsible. Shadow Gemini behaviour can be superficial, spineless, slick, and fast talking. Gemini’s have been known to switch courses or minds-- just because-- or follow a really unhealthy path to its conclusion because they can, or because that’s what’s going on. Gemini loves the gossip and knows how to get people to spill their tea. Remember, Mercury is a trickster, and Gemini’s curious nature can also trick itself.

Geminis perpetually overwhelm themselves and give themselves anxiety. They love to text. They love to talk a lot but they also love to listen. It’s like an infinity loop of information coming and going, meant to mirror its understanding of everything. Relationships for Gemini– are a house of mirrors. Gemini loves to see itself shown to itself and deal with itself into eternity. This is why they are so affable, playful, and fun, Gemini embraces the duality, the ideas, the confusing details or angles. They are naturally excited, sometimes giddy with the promise of some new confusion, crisis, or problem. Someone with a lot of Gemini energy would be best helped by slowing down, getting clear about things, reading the fine print/ whole contract, and being anchored in daily practices. Breathe, Gemini, breathe. Gemini rules the lungs.

Gemini needs a line of communication, whether it be words and language, stories, or some other kind of art. Gemini likes to work with its hands, talk with its hands, use its hands and can take its downloads and put them into music, painting, journalism, film, numbers, anything. Gemini needs a way to sort this all out, and usually someone to do that sorting with them.

Gemini is the principle that allows us to connect and see each other in each other. Gemini card in Tarot is the Lovers, because Gemini mirrors what we see in ourselves. Gemini is lost, always, and we thank you Gemini, for chasing the idea and possibility. We need Gemini to love, connect, and understand each other.

Element: Air

Modality: Mutable

Colour: Yellow

Day: Wednesday

Gemini Season: May 20th-June 20th

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Symbol: The Twins

Keywords for your inner Gemini: Processing, talking, stories, ideas, curiosity, journalism, rumours, gossip, crisis, anxiety, brainstorming, white-boards, juggling, multi-task, social, output, big ideas, changing interests, quick downloads, hands, lungs, fast talking, fun, you & me, confusion, overwhelm, information overload, inconstancy. 

Gemini Playlist: here

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