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Understanding Taurus Energy

A bull enjoys fine wine and food in its luxurious abode.
Only the best for Taurus.

Taurus is earth energy, and takes what Aries brought forth to sustain. Taurus is a fixed sign, so the second sign of the zodiac wheel is a continuation of what was started. It's signified by the bull, because the bull is mighty, gentle, hardworking, slow, steady, and languid. Ruled by Venus, this sign is related to food supply, money (the bull of wall street,) receptivity, and comfort. It’s known as a feminine sign (I like to say yin.)

Remember, everyone has Taurus somewhere in their chart. This energy exists within everyone. If you have planets in that part of your chart, then this vibe will be more familiar to you, but Taurus energy is something you can call upon and cultivate, no matter what. 

Fixed signs are known as stubborn, which is another way to say rooted and consistent. They know how to keep things going, which is a kind of strength that is not often talked about. Whereas Aries might start something, and lead the charge; they also might drop it and start something else. Taurus isn’t great at getting started, but it’s sure good at sustaining a cadence, and carrying it through. Taurus is directly related to agriculture, and in the Northern Hemisphere; mid-spring, when crops are starting to grow, and there is work to do.

We relate Taurus to good food and a comfortable lifestyle. Taurus will do the work to be secure and cozy, and leaves the risk taking to other signs. This earth sign is concerned with what you can touch, taste and feel. It’s sensual, because Taurus lives in the reality of what is, what is happening now. There’s a hedonistic bent to this vibe, because it’s connected to what we value and what we connect with. It’s a long-haul energy, the kind of robustness that can carry through when others burn out.

Taurus likes peacefulness, simplicity and ease. Herbalism and gardening are Taurus activities.

Devotion is a keyword to Taurus energy. Look at that part of your chart to see where you put your energy, instinctually. Taurus loves beauty, art, and connection. It is big on family and resources. Whereas Aries is “I am,” Taurus is “I have.” Taurus is the gourmet and the singer. Taurus rules the throat, and there is a musical and vocal bent to this vibe.

The shadow traits of Taurus are inertia, obstinance, and holding on to something familiar even when it’s not working. Taurus can be so committed to the status quo that it can feel overbearing, or boring. It gets set in its ways. Its concentration on what is here and now can make it blind to what could be, and it can be a bit short sighted when it comes to change, preferring the security of what it knows. It is slow and dense, so hard to move or sway. While it works hard, it doesn’t like to be uncomfortable, and may avoid or ignore growth in favor of the familiar. 

You want a Taurus by your side when things are rough. They provide stability and support when others falter. This is a gardening, gourmet, beautiful house sign. It receives well and sets things up well for the future. 

Element: Earth

Modality: Fixed

Colours: Green

Day: Friday

Taurus Season: April 19- May 20th

Ruling Planet: Venus

Symbol: The Bull

Keywords for your inner Taurus: comfort, hard work, devotion, security, sustaining, consistent, obstinate, foodie, earth based, hedonism, sensuality, singing, status quo, luxury, fine wine.

Taurus Playlist: Here

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