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Capricorn Moon helps us progress: Transits for Tuesday, March 5th

A boy walks through a swamp
Keep moving forward.

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Jupiter @ 12 degrees

10:29 am PST/ 1:29 pm EST

Capricorn Moon square Aries North Node & Libra South Node @ 15 degrees

5:05 pm PST/ 8:05 pm EST

Capricorn Moon square Aries Chiron @ 17 degrees

7:39 pm PST/ 10:39 pm EST

Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Uranus @ 19 degrees

11:28 pm PST/ March 6th 2:28 am EST

Moon trine Jupiter. We are instinctually muddling through and our belief in ourselves will carry us. This is practical energy, and it works because we know what to do, and we can do what needs to be done. In the background, we could be having all kinds of feelings and experiences, but there is a rootedness in self here that will get things done. Capricorn Moon helps us progress.

Moon squares Nodes. The Nodes place us in the middle of this relationship stuff we are working with. Our movement must be forward, and the relationship patterns we bring from our upbringing, our culture, our families, our trauma– that is coming into the aperture. And the thing we must do to individually be who we are– to find our identity– that is what is calling us. Moon is the apex of this T Square, and it knows that we have to advance, it will apply towards the North Node as we contend making headway.  What does progress mean for you?

Moon square Chiron. How fitting that our movement towards the future involves movement of working with our identity wound at the same time? This might hurt, or trigger, it might feel like an initiation. It is an initiation. The wound can’t be ignored, and that’s actually going to help us. No more pretending the wound isn’t there. It must be cleaned and dressed. 

Moon trine Uranus. News from above, a surprise or unexpected element throws something in the path so that we keep on track. This is beneficial energy that helps us progress. Something material can happen, that needs to happen, or we can find our footing.

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