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Wednesday December 6th

Neptune direct in Pisces @ 24 degrees

5:22 am PST/ 8:22 am EST

Virgo Moon trine Capricorn Pluto @ 28 degrees

5:50 am PST/ 8:50 am EST

Libra Moon square Capricorn Mercury @ 5 degrees

7:57 pm PST/ 10:57 pm EST

There are emotions flying, lots of confusion, and holy moly, things are not what they seem. With this tour into Scorpio, Venus is mounting her voyage, and now Neptune goes direct in Pisces. Neptune is a planet that drives us to source through all kind of nebulous ways; through yearning, compassion, spirituality, love, drugs, alcohol, confusion, delusion, and all kinds of other ways of being part of the big womb, the big void, the big love. We want it, but we don’t know what “it” is. We are drawn in through many channels. Neptune will now be more straightforward in how it works with us. Which doesn’t give us more clarity at all, it will just work with us through less internal channels. But what is Neptune, and what will it do? It’s hard to even understand. Emotionally, we are raw.

Moon trines Pluto because we are in transformation. Virgo Moon can lend some idea of certainty to the confusion/ delusion pile. Can you feel something in your body and know it? What can you feel is true? Capricorn Pluto is working you and your power structures. Your sense of power is shifting and there is work to do here. Earth trines are beneficially organized. You might feel like you know what to do.

Not so fast. Libra Moon is a deliberation vibe, and the square with Capricorn Mercury suggests there is sharp mindedness and strategy being shut down by our need to placate and negotiate. Some things are not a negotiation. Sometimes there is right and wrong. Sometimes there is you or me. Sometimes choices must be made and we don’t all go home together afterwards. Libra Moon wants balance and peace, but at what cost? If peace is not peaceful for me, then your peace is not peace. Capice?

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