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Astrology Transits for Wednesday, March 13th: Feeling Good About Your Progress Can Make You Progress

A woman looks out at the wreckage.
Surveying the situation.

Taurus Moon conjunct Jupiter @ 13 degrees

4:12 pm PST/ 7:12 pm EST

We are integrating tremendous change, and Pluto in Aquarius has given us a path and new way forward. Everything looks different, but it’s for the greater good. There has been an awakening. We have vocabulary around energy, mental illness, trauma, and abuse that we didn’t have in the past, and that is helping us identify who is driving the car. Who is driving the car? 

There’s a lot of steamy energy spread throughout Pisces and Aries, these lessons run deep. Whatever we are contending with, there is a sticky, spiritual, and salt-in-the-wound energy that is driving us to be more compassionate. We are learning about boundaries in the most confusing of times.

Moon conjunct Jupiter. There is a confident and optimistic tone to this transit, and you may be aligned in belief and purpose and bring that to the day in a practical way. It could also be a trigger for addictive behavior, and that will really depend on what’s going on. Try not to over-do it, or make anything more than it needs to be. But also, on the lighter side, try to enjoy the feeling of making things better and more receptive. Try to tap into your belief in what is real, and what you have done. Feeling good about your progress can make you progress even further, and your body will remember the feeling.

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