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Weekly Transits for August 28th- September 4th, referencing PST Timezone

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Monday August 29th

Libra Moon conjunct Mercury @ 3 degrees

Virgo Sun square Gemini Mars (from yesterday)

Libra Moon opposite Aries Jupiter @ 7 degrees

Tuesday August 30th

Libra Moon opposes Aries Chiron @ 15 degrees

Pisces Neptune 24 degrees apex yod (Inconjunct Leo Venus 23 degrees and Libra Moon 22 degrees.)

Wednesday August 31st

Perfect yod from yesterday, all at 24 degrees

New Yod: Leo Venus apex 24 degrees inconjunct Pisces Neptune @ 24 degrees, and Capricorn Pluto at 26 degrees

Libra Moon square Capricorn Pluto 26 degrees

3rd Yod: Scorpio Moon @ 4-7 degrees apexes Inconjuncts with Jupiter in Aries at 6 degrees and Mars in Gemini at 6 degrees.

Thursday Sept 1st

Venus apex yod continues, Moon apex yod continues

Scorpio Moon opposite NN in Taurus @ 16 degrees, Uranus @18 degrees, T-square Aquarius Saturn at apex 20 degrees

Libra Mercury Opposes Aries Jupiter 6 degrees

Friday September 2nd

Scorpio Moon square Leo Venus 26 degrees

Saturday September 3rd

Sagittarius Moon opposite Gemini Mars @ 7 degrees, T Square Virgo Sun @ 10 degrees

Sagittarius Moon square Virgo Sun @ 11 degrees

Libra Mercury opposes Aries Jupiter @ 6 degrees

Sagittarius Moon inconjunct NN Taurus @ 16 degrees

Sunday September 4th

Sagittarius Moon Square Pisces Neptune @ 24 degrees

Last day of Venus in Leo 29

Reflection from last week (skip down to Long Form Weeklies for this week's astrology)

Virgo season kicked off in the way I expected. I started some very focused work, projects, moving forward and planning (finally!!) But there was often a phone call, an event; something that took my focus. What’s interesting is that all of the things that took my focus were important.

Tuesday’s astrology with the Moon opposite Pluto (amongst other things) took a very literal turn as my dear friend’s father passed away. Supporting my friend around the emotional fallout from this became a big part of my week.