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Weekly Transits for Feb. 13-18th, referencing PST time zone

Long form weeklies on top/ Cheat Sheet below

Monday February 13

Scorpio Moon Trine Pisces Venus @ 21°

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Neptune and square Aquarius Sun @ 24°

Scorpio Moon square Aquarius Saturn @ 27°

Scorpio Moon gets deep under the covers to unearth the raw and beating heart. Scorpio Moon will be concerned with vulnerability and power. If you are feeling sensitive or under a microscope, or something deeply felt, Pisces Venus will give you the compassion, connectivity and loving power to get you through it. There is fierceness to showing up with love: for yourself, for someone who’s wronged you, for the dream of your ancestors.

Your body may have pain, or deep hurts. Old injuries or inexplicable ailments. That is one way Scorpio Moon shows itself. Pisces Neptune is there to lend a soothing gestative container– if you could call it that. It is less a container than expansiveness, and it’s not clearly marked or even known through concreteness. But it is a salve while the square to Aquarius Sun asks us to to heal ourselves to heal our world. There is a clear directive here. Your healing, your relationship to your bodily container can be held in the greater container. You can take time to soothe yourself, and that will be beneficial to anyone that knows you.

With the square to Aquarius Saturn there is a question on who we need to be in the world versus what we need to contend with internally. You may have to make a decision between yourself and the greater good. You can’t pour everyone a drink from a dry well. And you can’t sequester yourself away from every situation that makes you uncomfortable or that you find difficult.

Tuesday February 14

Sagittarius Moon trine Aries Jupiter @ 8°

Sagittarius Moon trine Aries Chiron @ 13°

Sagittarius Moon opposite Gemini Mars @ 14°

Sagittarius Moon is the belle of the ball today. Your Valentines love letters and devotion can be to your overall growth.

There is a need for expanse, travel, and seeking outside of yourself. This impulse of growth will be what inspires you to be centred in your beliefs– and those beliefs are changing. You may come to truths that have been percolating for a while, that feel like they were thoughts earlier, but now are something to mold your life around. There is a fiery relationship between the way you are working in society right now, and how it affects you.

The trine with Aries Chiron suggests that this is related to your wounding. This is related to the fundamental qualities that make you a healing force. Are you reading to go beyond the wound and find your mentors, your support systems, and your latest influences? Are you ready to take the bandages off and let people see your scar?

Expansive and movement oriented part of your being will be called to make change, and so will the energy that is being expressed. This opposition is probably felt in a question of direction. Where is your energy going to go? How will you use your body and mind for the greatest impact? Is there a choice you need to make about what to do? The question is also regarding information and truth.

There is a difference between THE Truth and YOUR Truth. There is no authority here on this, only what you believe to be true, and what information you have. Who’s the arbiter of who’s correct? We like to think it is us. Be careful that your actions reflect what is true for you, and not what you fear is true, or based on a bunch of old stories you have around something.

Wednesday February 15

Pisces Venus conjunct Neptune @ 24°

Sagittarius Moon square Pisces Venus conjunct Neptune @ 24°

Aquarius Sun conjunct Saturn @ 27

When Venus conjuncts Neptune we are connected deeply and emotionally to love. We like to think of love as this romantic Hollywood experience, but sometimes love is much less sexy than that. It’s about cleaning up someone’s mess, or enduring their bad behavior. Sometimes love is changing a bedpan or diaper, or enduring an outburst of pain aimed at you. Sometimes it’s holding someone while they fall apart, or showing up to a gathering that you’d rather not go, just to show support. Sometimes love is showing up to help someone that doesn’t appreciate it.

Today you will be in touch with the mightiest flavor of love you have to give and receive. Today will be notable, and likely in a favorable way, although often favorable circumstances come to us in painful packages. This is a Piscean conjunction, so endings and impermanence are on the menu. We fear ending, and change, even though it’s inevitable. Pisces ability to clear and dissolve into the ether is what allows us to gestate something new. In Pisces we’re already dreaming of better and for more. We’re feeling all the possibilities in the cosmic soup. This is a powerful day to create art, communicate with ancestors, and work with medicine. Spiritually you are open, however, so include some protection and sealing practices in your ceremonies.