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Weekly Transits for March 6th- March 12th 2023

Monday March 6th

Virgo Moon oppose Pisces Mercury @ 6°

8:30 am PST/ 11:30 am EST

Virgo Moon trine Taurus North Node @ 6°

9:02 am PST/ 12:02 pm EST

Pisces Mercury sextile Taurus North Node @ 6°

12: 24 pm PST/ 3:24 pm EST

Virgo Moon is often plagued with worry. It fears that it is not good enough. It fears that it doesn’t love or doesn’t do enough to help. It fears that somehow everything will fall apart and it alone carries this burden. Its ruler, Mercury, will oppose it in Pisces. Perhaps this is soothing medicine, to come to terms that we are part of a vast ocean and tide. That it’s not all on you, although you do have some responsibility. You do your best and your part and then let go. You are but a fish swimming in the current. Mercury carries this divine information into the day, and preps us for a big day tomorrow.

Whatever divine download is coming through emotions versus brain/ worry versus spiritual knowing; we need it to help us with this Chiron/ Jupiter business that’s intensifying in Aries. Who do you find yourself healing even though you don’t intend to? How have you haphazardly become a healer in a part of your life where you never expected? Where is the divine drive to serve someone else coming from, and does it have its hold on you? We all have this fantasy of the shaman, with feathers and rich fabrics, the centre of a ceremony, but the business of healing is something a bit more humble, isn’t it? It’s where you find yourself right here and now– with an annoying coworker, or the married man you’re in love with, or the nosey neighbour who has no friends. There’s likely no rich incense scents or mantra chants on this healing journey. You may find yourself in some uncomfortable place, where you yourself want to run away. The wound is the way through. It’s beautiful to create ceremonial containers, but real healing is on demand; in dirty bathrooms, around triggering audiences, and under fluorescent lighting. Jupiter and Chiron are coming for us all, and we are building to a full moon tonight/ tomorrow.

Before that, Moon makes a gorgeous trine to the North Node in Taurus. She wants to give you a clue, or at least throw you a bone. This is a felt moment, and it’s happening in the real world. Your future is headed this way, and the way you feel about making money, receiving abundance, and moving through the world of what is comfortable will receive a boost, or be soothed. Something is helped, and feels guided.

Pisces Mercury makes a helpful and beneficial sextile to North Node to hammer this home. There is spiritual guidance and knowing that is helping you understand where this future “you” is going. Perhaps you’ll find yourself talking truths, or understanding a bigger picture. But this help is valuable and needed as you come to the culmination of the full Virgo Moon. Whatever patterns you set in motion 6 months ago are coming to harvest; and understanding the overall spiritual context of humble work is part of this close-out sale.

Tuesday March 7th

Virgo Moon trine Taurus Uranus @ 15°

2:51 am PST/ 5:51 pm EST

Full Moon 16° Virgo

4:40 am PST/ 7:40 am EST

Saturn moves into Pisces

5:35 am PST/ 8:35 am EST

T-square: Gemini Mars is the apex 21°-22° square Virgo Moon @ 21°-24° and square Pisces Neptune @ 24°

3:06 pm PST/ 6:06 pm EST- 8:38 pm PST/ 11:38 pm EST

This day is going to be no joke. What house in your chart is ruled by Pisces, and which one is ruled by Virgo? This is the axis that is getting worked right now. Except for Taurus Uranus– today is all about mutability and change. We are transitioning out of something, which is often quite uncomfortable if we can’t see or know where we’re going.

Virgo Moon first makes a beneficial trine to Taurus Uranus, suggesting that we might get some knowledge or insight that helps us contend with that “worried” emotional state that Virgo could have us in. Virgo Moon is hypervigilant and perfecting, and Taurus is a much more confident and calm state of being. Uranus in Taurus is an interesting blend of very quick and dramatic insight in slow moving, comfort-loving topics. Together this energy is working to soothe, and help to understand what must be.

We then have a full Moon in Virgo. Piscean Sun shines its oceanic light on Virgo Moon to end the cycle started at the Virgo New Moon August 26/27th last year. What were you kicking into motion at that time? Whatever it was, you’ve come to a culmination with it. You likely started a pattern or cycle that has hit stride and now it’s harvest time. It might be time to give it up, or double down, or make it into something more. Or perhaps you’ve really just mastered whatever it was, and the only thing to do now is get more education, learning, or information.

This beautiful full moon caps off the zodiacal year as we look at our daily, mundane habits and lives and have the spiritual force of the sun shine a light on it. How do you find your divinity in this little life? This full moon may have answers for you.

Like poetry, Saturn Moves into Pisces. The planet of boundaries, time, hard work, and mastery dives into the borderless and spiritual ocean of Pisces. This is a very big deal, and we’ve not had this energy since 1993-1996. Looking back to this time might give you some sort of clue how this energy might affect you.

Saturn in Pisces makes us do our work with the relationship to art and poetry. The inner artist and call for depth will be unavoidable. Same with your relationship with death, endings, and impermanence. There is no such thing as forever, and Saturn in Pisces will show you this. If there is something that you are holding onto for dear life, just know that you may have to let it go, and if you do, it might be for the best.

With Saturn in Pisces we have a stellium with Mercury, Sun, and Neptune there, followed by a tight cluster of planets in Aries: Jupiter, Chiron, and Venus. The old is mixing with the new. Something is dying and something being reborn. We are in the watery womb of dreams and possibilities, while simultaneously feeling the birth and quick force of the Aries principle. What does this feel like to you? Where are you caught in between two worlds? Where are you caught between your emotions and lifeforce? What is leaving your life, whether you want it to or not and where is that propelling you?

The T-square with Mars/ Moon/ Neptune might give us a clue, but with Neptune involved, the clue we get won’t be easy to interpret. Virgo Moon opposite Pisces Neptune says we are contending with our personal and individual role versus the role of humanity. We are trying to understand where we emotionally sit in the cosmic soup, how we can be compassionate, loving and spiritual, while riding the anxiety of being human. Gemini Mars is the exit point of this energy. You will be “doing” something, moving the energy, and directing it. Where is it going? What needs to be said, studied or recognized? What is piquing your interest? What conversations feel like they MUST happen?

Wednesday March 8th

Virgo Moon trine Capricorn Pluto @ 29°

6:07 am PST/ 9:07 am EST

This earth trine is teaching us about transforming our emotions. Virgo is anxious because it’s sensitive and knows what it needs to be healthy. Virgo Moon worries because it cares, and it knows that every action, pattern and practice builds in an overall backdrop to a functioning day-to-day.

Capricorn Pluto is on its last and most urgent point. It wants us to hurry up and transform our relationship to structures, systems, institutions, hierarchy, and resources. It wants us to work for it, climb higher, and transform our lives in an interplay with our public life.

Together these two planets are asking us how we can be based in reality, while allowing change in our life? Change is scary and uncomfortable, and we often experience it with negative connotations. But Pluto is all about change, and honestly, so is Moon. Moon roots us to earth from an ancestral place, but she also moves quickly and moodily through the zodiac. Her change is easier to digest than Pluto’s. Virgo’s small daily habit type changes, feel more digestible than Capricorn’s mountain climbing. But both are flavors of the same thing, and both of them working together suggest that you’re going somewhere powerful and new.

In the background we have Jupiter and Chiron about to swell in for a Hollywood kiss. But we’re in the part of the movie where we don’t know if these two wacky mismatched leads are ever going to find each other. There are painful incidents, past traumas and big epiphanies still in store for this couple. When they meet up, when they finally come together, the music will swell and we’ll know they belonged together, and it will all make sense.

How are you transforming? How are you rooted in reality, and yet can see a whole new world ahead? What does it feel like to know that you will be changing into something new? What is your wound telling you about the way you show up into the world and the way you relate to others? Is something about your beliefs about yourself changing?

Thursday March 9th

Libra Moon opposes Aries Jupiter @ 13°

9:27 am PST/ 12: 27 EST

Libra Moon opposes Aries Chiron @ 14°

10:19 am PST/ 1:19 pm EST

Libra Moon is searching for balance, equality and fairness. It considers others as part of its way of being. Preserving an equilibrium is how Libra Moon will remain comfortable, keeping the peace is how it operates.

Libra Moon is getting us in our core and it’s opposing the Chiron/Jupiter (almost) conjunction. This means that our personal and self-oriented beliefs, expanded self, wounding, and healing will be in a tension with this peace-loving emotional part of our body. There will be a “don’t upset the apple cart” energy going against the strengthening need to individually deal with the uncomfortable triggers within. Often with trauma, we spend our entire lives building up inner mechanisms to avoid our wounding. We feel like diving into our hurts and personal struggles is selfish and navel gazing, so we push it down.

Libra Moon is ruled by Venus (who is also in Aries) so she likes things to be pleasant, friendly, equal and fair. Libra Moon is going to have a hard time dealing with wounding and personal expansion. But this polarity is a good one to work with.

Libra Moon might immediately detect a lack of fairness or inequality and then try to make it right. This could be the entry point for this work.

It’s important that your trauma doesn’t spill out and hurt others. That’s the deal. It’s also true that hurt people hurt people. So sweeping trauma, wounding, and pain under the rug doesn’t help anyone. Healing yourself so that you can be a better person is your responsibility. It’s selfish NOT to heal and yet the problem is that most of us don’t quite understand that the trauma is there. This paradigm will work with you today, in unexpected ways. Perhaps you’ll find yourself diving headfirst into your wound, or beliefs about your wound. Perhaps you’ll find yourself easily helping someone else, in a way that feels groundbreaking. Perhaps you’ll find yourself having to take yourself out of a situation, and parent yourself through something very difficult.

There is a saying that in order to heal the world, you must heal yourself. See if you can get into that energy today while maintaining your integrity with others.

Friday March 10th

Libra Moon opposes Aries Venus @22°

1:05 am PST/ 3:05 am EST

Libra Moon trine Gemini Mars @ 23°

2:59 am PST/ 5:59 am EST

Libra Moon square Capricorn Pluto @ 29°

3:36 pm PST/ 6:36 pm EST

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Saturn @ 0°

4:51 pm PST/ 7:51 pm EST

Libra Moon gets into it with Aries Venus. How is your need to have peace and balance emotionally coming into tension with your need to follow your heart and connect? Are you finding there is an individualistic impulse that is taking you into territory that feels unbalanced? Is something about the way you connect with others feeling really unfair, unjust, or emotionally trapped in someone else’s needs with no regard to yours? Let’s remember our Aries/Libra polarity: neither sign is better than the other, and the desire is to be able to be fully yourself (Aries) while being in relationship with others (Libra.) We want to feel emotionally safe (Moon) when we are connecting with the world (Venus.)

Libra Moon then trines Gemini Mars, who wants to help us deal with these themes. Gemini Mars is moving us through this energy with curiosity and conversation; with duality and ideas. It can talk us through it, or cognitively build understanding. Who can you talk to about this stuff? Who is someone you trust to be fair and intelligent? Gemini Mars lacks focus, of course, but can really seek to understand the duality in any subject.

When Libra Moon comes to the end of her monthly stay, she squares Capricorn Pluto. Perhaps something will come up around your family of origin that helps you understand the bigger picture of self and other? Capricorn Pluto is wrapping things up here at 29°– what might it be telling you about the way you emotionally negotiate and caretake, mediate and try to achieve balance. Are you doing it because it’s a role you take on? Is it possible that you have adopted a hierarchy within that does not serve you or make you feel safe? What needs to fall away or change for you to feel the peace you so desire? Have you been holding up a flimsy example of what you really want and need because it’s the only one you have?

And like that…Moon is in Scorpio and trining our brand new Pisces Saturn. Emotionally there is something beautiful here. What a way to cap off the day! Pisces Saturn at 0° is a pure expression of the poetic and spiritual power and potential of this planet. You are likely both getting rid of emotional shrapnel and recognizing that there is deep desire within. This trine will help you along with your naval gazing and allow you to investigate your waters deeply. There might be some things you don’t want to see, there might be a sense of being lost at sea. Scorpio Moon will help you feel it all, Pisces Saturn will help you ride the waves. You can do this. Your emotions are important and warrant some attention.

Saturday March 11th

Scorpio Moon conjunct SN/ opposite Taurus North Node

4:18 am PST/ 7:18 pm EST

Aries Venus sextile Gemini Mars @ 23°

6:51 am PST/ 9:51 am EST

Jupiter Conjunct Chiron 14°

10:53 pm PST/ March 12th 1:53 am EST

Pisces Mercury sextile Taurus Uranus @ 15°

12:59 pm PST/ 3:59 pm EST

Scorpio Moon opposes Taurus Uranus @ 15°

9:42 pm PST/ March 12th 12:42 am EST

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Mercury @ 16°

Scorpio Moon dips into the Nodal Axis for a little karmic party. What forms and structures are you building and does that feel nerve-wracking for you? You are in the process of transforming your relationship with finances, comfort, forms, structures, and abundance, and likely it’s hitting a nerve of fear and vulnerability. Do you feel the need to take control? Can you identify where this is coming from?

A nice sextile between Aries Venus and Gemini Mars gives flirtation, and quick moving plot devices. Relationships with others could get fiery, and the banter could be on point. Enjoy a moment to relish this dance, as it’s smart, bold, and active. If you have time to join someone in a broom closet, or in a passionate argument, or both, it does take two to tango, and that’s the energy going on here.

Jupiter makes the conjunction to Chiron, here finally, as if you haven’t noticed. Of course you noticed. If you found yourself crying in your car about something that you “really should be over” in the past few weeks, then perhaps this issue has completely intensified into a fever pitch. Or now you are just tired of hurting through it, and you can’t feel the pain any more. Today is a day to really dig into that wounding, to feel its pain and be with it. Don't run away from it. Don't miss this moment.

What beliefs about yourself are ready to change? What beliefs about your wound are ready to expand? Can you be thankful for this pain and what it taught you? Can you see how your wounding is also your superpower, and yet, strangely, you’d never want to be wounded like that again. Can you be ok that this makes you cry from time to time, and weakens you when no one is looking? Can you see how much you can help another heal?

We have Pisces Mercury sextiling Taurus Uranus to see what kind of revolutionary and spiritual breakthroughs are possible. You’re going to know something new, or say something helpful to someone that will change the game for them. Pisces Mercury is supportive to everyone, and there are people who need this kind of support and love, and you’ll be attuned to this.

Scorpio Moon makes an opposition to Taurus Uranus now. It’s no surprise that there will be surprises today, that games will be changed, and personal revolutions will spur us on new trajectories. Scorpio Moon is transformational and concerned with power and control. Emotionally it wants to know where it is and what’s going on. Taurus Uranus is going to make it hella uncomfortable, and Taurus likes to be comfortable. Those of you dealing with chronic illness could have a flare up. Scorpio Moon will expose where you are vulnerable, and Taurus Uranus will dismantle some stability. Try to see the big picture here, and allow change into your mantras and practices.

Scorpio Moon then trines Pisces Mercury, as if to help us process, emotionally and spiritually, this day. We have been both victim and healer, carrying great pain through our bloodline, and carrying spiritual wisdom through our minds. We did not get through today without having done the work. We might not have finished the work, but we definitely had to face some demons. How can you come to a place of greater compassion for yourself? How can you let go of control?

Do you blame yourself for something that happened to you? Are you blaming yourself for your own hurts? Are you feeling reluctant to call yourself a healer?

Is there a chance to sit in silence today? Can you create a container for yourself with time and space and give that gift to yourself?

Sunday March 12th

Jupiter/ Chiron conjunction continues

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Sun @ 21°

8:31am PST/ 11:31 am EST

Yod: Scorpio Moon is Apex @ 24° inconjunct Gemini Mars @ 24° and Aries Venus @ 25°

7:31 am PST/ 10: 31 am EST - 3:31 pm PST/ 6:31 pm EST

Scorpio Moon trine Pisces Neptune @ 24°

2:16 pm PST/ 5:16 pm EST

Scorpio Moon sextile Capricorn Pluto @ 29°

10:58 pm PST/ March 13 1:58 am EST

The Jupiter/ Chiron conjunction continues for us all. It is the backdrop for a lot of our growth this month as we are priming for planetary changes all month. This conjunction is asking us to find our identity and beliefs about ourselves. It exposes our pain, and the depth of it, so that we can carry our growth into the new world we are building. We are all going through this together.

Scorpio Moon makes a helpful trine to Pisces Sun. This spiritual Sun is here for everyone. It touches the eternal, letting us know that everything goes away, but then everything comes back again. Pisces Sun wants us to find ourselves through egolessness. Scorpio Moon is highly sensitive. She is keenly sensitive of the power balances and what’s going on. This high sensitivity can lend some beauty to your art, meditation, or yoga practice. It can help you be aware of what’s really happening around you. This transit can give you psychic powers and guidance.

Scorpio Moon then works with Gemini Mars and Aries Venus in a yod to come to some emotional truth. Power and vulnerability felt within the deepest parts of our body could be experienced as a large trigger point. It could be a personal thing to contend with, or perhaps you feel out of control? If you have a loud breakdown, try to see it as a breakthrough. Your need to act and your need to feel individually connected are going to feed a very sensitive point. Did you accidentally do or say something that caused a chain reaction? Did someone affect you so deeply that you feel emotionally out of control? Did you sting back? Do you regret something that you did? This yod is for you, not against you. Remember to take responsibility for your actions. Also have compassion for yourself.

Scorpio Moon trines Pisces Neptune. This is a chance to see the big picture of whatever is going on with that yod. While you might not get a concrete picture of what’s happening inside, you might get a spiritual download. You might need guidance from the divine, emotions may be running high. Solitude and sacredness are your friends. How can you touch into your internal body, and self-soothe?

All of this work is related to the transformation we are doing together, as a collective. Scorpio Moon does a brief sextile to Capricorn Pluto to help us transform some of this baggage. We may feel weakened and vulnerable in this collective moment, but we are not. Whatever edge or threat we are contending with, we have probably been contending with it for a long time, and we need to have done all this work so we can move into the future with fresh eyes. We are realizing that our healing as individuals has power in the collective. Moon wants to drive this home to us, and for us to see our personal power. You may be sitting in some wreckage, but what you rebuild will be solid.

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