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Weekly Transits for March 6th- March 12th 2023

Monday March 6th

Virgo Moon oppose Pisces Mercury @ 6°

8:30 am PST/ 11:30 am EST

Virgo Moon trine Taurus North Node @ 6°

9:02 am PST/ 12:02 pm EST

Pisces Mercury sextile Taurus North Node @ 6°

12: 24 pm PST/ 3:24 pm EST

Virgo Moon is often plagued with worry. It fears that it is not good enough. It fears that it doesn’t love or doesn’t do enough to help. It fears that somehow everything will fall apart and it alone carries this burden. Its ruler, Mercury, will oppose it in Pisces. Perhaps this is soothing medicine, to come to terms that we are part of a vast ocean and tide. That it’s not all on you, although you do have some responsibility. You do your best and your part and then let go. You are but a fish swimming in the current. Mercury carries this divine information into the day, and preps us for a big day tomorrow.

Whatever divine download is coming through emotions versus brain/ worry versus spiritual knowing; we need it to help us with this Chiron/ Jupiter business that’s intensifying in Aries. Who do you find yourself healing even though you don’t intend to? How have you haphazardly become a healer in a part of your life where you never expected? Where is the divine drive to serve someone else coming from, and does it have its hold on you? We all have this fantasy of the shaman, with feathers and rich fabrics, the centre of a ceremony, but the business of healing is something a bit more humble, isn’t it? It’s where you find yourself right here and now– with an annoying coworker, or the married man you’re in love with, or the nosey neighbour who has no friends. There’s likely no rich incense scents or mantra chants on this healing journey. You may find yourself in some uncomfortable place, where you yourself want to run away. The wound is the way through. It’s beautiful to create ceremonial containers, but real healing is on demand; in dirty bathrooms, around triggering audiences, and under fluorescent lighting. Jupiter and Chiron are coming for us all, and we are building to a full moon tonight/ tomorrow.

Before that, Moon makes a gorgeous trine to the North Node in Taurus. She wants to give you a clue, or at least throw you a bone. This is a felt moment, and it’s happening in the real world. Your future is headed this way, and the way you feel about making money, receiving abundance, and moving through the world of what is comfortable will receive a boost, or be soothed. Something is helped, and feels guided.

Pisces Mercury makes a helpful and beneficial sextile to North Node to hammer this home. There is spiritual guidance and knowing that is helping you understand where this future “you” is going. Perhaps you’ll find yourself talking truths, or understanding a bigger picture. But this help is valuable and needed as you come to the culmination of the full Virgo Moon. Whatever patterns you set in motion 6 months ago are coming to harvest; and understanding the overall spiritual context of humble work is part of this close-out sale.

Tuesday March 7th

Virgo Moon trine Taurus Uranus @ 15°

2:51 am PST/ 5:51 pm EST

Full Moon 16° Virgo

4:40 am PST/ 7:40 am EST

Saturn moves into Pisces

5:35 am PST/ 8:35 am EST

T-square: Gemini Mars is the apex 21°-22° square Virgo Moon @ 21°-24° and square Pisces Neptune @ 24°

3:06 pm PST/ 6:06 pm EST- 8:38 pm PST/ 11:38 pm EST

This day is going to be no joke. What house in your chart is ruled by Pisces, and which one is ruled by Virgo? This is the axis that is getting worked right now. Except for Taurus Uranus– today is all about mutability and change. We are transitioning out of something, which is often quite uncomfortable if we can’t see or know where we’re going.

Virgo Moon first makes a beneficial trine to Taurus Uranus, suggesting that we might get some knowledge or insight that helps us contend with that “worried” emotional state that Virgo could have us in. Virgo Moon is hypervigilant and perfecting, and Taurus is a much more confident and calm state of being. Uranus in Taurus is an interesting blend of very quick and dramatic insight in slow moving, comfort-loving topics. Together this energy is working to soothe, and help to understand what must be.

We then have a full Moon in Virgo. Piscean Sun shines its oceanic light on Virgo Moon to end the cycle started at the Virgo New Moon August 26/27th last year. What were you kicking into motion at that time? Whatever it was, you’ve come to a culmination with it. You likely started a pattern or cycle that has hit stride and now it’s harvest time. It might be time to give it up, or double down, or make it into something more. Or perhaps you’v