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Weekly transits for Monday April 24th- Sunday April 30th

Monday April 24

Gemini Moon square Pisces Neptune @ 26 degrees

5:14 am PST/ 8:14 am EST

Taurus Sun Conjunct North Node @ 4 degrees

8:10 am PST/ 11:10 am EST

Cancer Moon trine Pisces Saturn @ 4 degrees

9:39 pm PST/ April 25th 12:39 am EST

The day opens with a mutable square between Moon and Neptune. This moon buzzes with divine messages and a flurry of information while Pisces Neptune speaks in dreams and metaphors, leaving us confused and yearning for understanding. It could be a scattered moment where information is flying around and there is no way to truly understand or hold on to information. It’s ok to be scattered and unclear. It’s how you work with the energy. Overwhelm is possible, as is a feeling of being out of control. If your body is on high alert- how can you sooth it? Talking your way through it, journaling, or meditating are all helpful practices to set you on your way. This is a short transit and it won’t last for ever.

Taurus Sun conjuncts the North Node to put a spotlight on our purpose. It might not be the spotlight you desire– it could feel like unfamiliar territory, or a place you don’t normally feel comfortable in. Are there ways you are hoping to transform your life? What needs to happen to do this? When something feels uncomfortable, how do you work with that energy? How can you allow it to change you without being worried or scared?

Cancer Moon is watery and emotional and wants to feel heard, and Pisces Saturn is willing to help. What emotional truths are coming up these days and how are you handling them? What is truly important and how can you work with that importance? Is something coming up, clearly, to be dealt with? How can you create the right container to keep yourself rooted to what you should be working on? Are you working on the right things, or are you starting to see something requiring your focus?

Tuesday April 25

Cancer Moon conjunct Mars @ 16 degrees

8:07pm PST/ 11:07 pm EST

Cancer Moon square Chiron @ 17 degrees

9:31 pm PST/ April 26th 12:31 am EST

When Moon and Mars get together, emotion and impulse fuse into something that can be powerful, overwrought, or somewhat aggressive. But this is happening in Cancer and Moon has power to work with the truth of this emotional field. Mars isn’t direct in this placement, and it holds a lot in. Cancer Mars is concerned with keeping energies safely locked inside. Nothing gets unleashed unless babies need to be protected. How will this play out in your day? What emotional forces are playing with you and will you be able to keep your cool? Another question to ask yourself is whether or not your babies need to be protected? When I speak of babies, I mean your physical babies, but also your hopes, dreams, and creations. Your favorite plants, your pets, your best friends, and your hobbies. These are all your babies too. How can you protect what is important to you?

Cancer Moon squares Chiron in Aries. This is emotional and it might hurt a bit. Your wounding and healing will have some massive feels. Tears, hurts, deep sad processing often gets a bad rap. This is healthy and helps you regulate. If you feel pulled back in to sadness's that feel like they have never gone away, it’s because you have some sadness to shed. You have something to process. And allowing that to move through you means that it will move out of you and you will not have to carry as heavy a load. Eventually those hurts morph into something that is stronger, even if they come back again, once in awhile. What sharpness can you soften into? What sadness can you let move through you? Does the sadness show up as anger? Anger is welcome here, when channeled in the right way and not taken out on others. Can you parent yourself through this and let it just…hurt?

Wednesday April 26

Cancer Moon square Aries Jupiter @ 25 degrees

2:08 pm PST/ 5:08 pm EST

Cancer Moon trine Pisces Neptune @ 26 degrees

4:40 pm PST/ 7:40 pm EST

Cancer Moon is emotional, guarded, and deeply felt. Aries Jupiter is foraging ahead, ready to inspire and bring to life. Aries Jupiter believes. Cancer Moon and Aries Jupiter squaring will be a standoff between the part of us that powerfully believes in our own expansion and ideas and the part of us that feels emotions so deep that we are not sure if we can bear it– and all the responsibility that comes with it. Cancer Moon makes us really feel it in our bodies, so it could manifest as overwhelming self-doubt. That’s because we forget sometimes how sensitive we are. But really you can bear you own expansion beyond your fear. You can.

Cancer Moon then makes a beneficial trine to Pisces Neptune to hammer this home. You are in tune with yourself and the universe. It is confusing and hard to decode what this is supposed to be and feel like. This water trine wants you to feel your intuition and know that you can both process this deep movement, and still be in alignment. Whatever you are contending with creatively, at home, with people you love, if you sink back into your deepest emotional field, you’ll know what to do. You can trust yourself.

Thursday April 27

Leo Moon opposite Aquarius Pluto @ 0 degrees

12:12 am PST/ 3:12 am EST

Cancer Mars square Aries Chiron @ 17 degrees

6:34 am PST/ 9:34 am EST

Leo Moon square Taurus North Node @ 4 degrees

7:36 am PST/ 10:36 pm EST

Leo Moon square Taurus Sun @ 7 degrees

2:19 pm PST/ 5:19 pm EST

There’s big feelings about who you are trying to be in the world, and who humanity wants you to be. There’s something breaking open your idea of yourself and your power that feels big and daunting, like perhaps too much. Well done. You’ll be working with this energy– the personal internal struggle with your need to be part of humanity’s transformation–for a good chunk of time. You may never completely feel onboard or at peace with it, and that’s the plan.

Cancer Mars square Aries Chiron. When we house and bottle up our feelings, sometimes it can be painful. Where do we store these feelings? Is it in our body? Cancer Mars houses the energy for good reason, to store it, to keep everyone safe, to make sure that the energy is there for those that truly need it. Cancer Mars can be accused of passive aggression, but there’s usually much more to it. A lot of it is about feeling safe, in control, and ready to protect the flock. Aries Chiron has a personal flavor, identity, and wounding mixed in. There needs to be filters around the way we express our hurts, and yet, they do need to be expressed. This might be tough energy to work with. Do we express the wound? Do we hold it in? Do we protect others? Do we protect ourselves?

A fixed square between Leo Moon and Taurus North Node is actually a T square between both nodes. Leo Moon and its big heart and feeling, it wants to do what is best for everyone. Leo Moon is smack dab in the middle between the karma it knows and the karma it needs to build. Can you feel yourself, your body, your cycles asking something new from you? Where are you fixed in place and sustaining something to not have it change? Is there an edge to it as it changes anyway? What would happen if you just let it change?

The final fixed square of the day is between Leo Moon and Taurus Sun. Moon and Sun love each other but the inner part of you– today– wants recognition and tenderness, while your ego wants consistency and dependability; something it can hang its hat on. These aren’t necessarily opposing needs, but they require different muscles. And with everything, the work is yours– you may want someone to recognize you, but are you recognizing yourself? You may want consistency, but are you creating it? Whatever you can create internally will echo out into the external.

Friday April 28

Leo Moon square Taurus Mercury @ 13 degrees

2:43 am PST/ 5:43 am EST

Leo Moon trine Aries Chiron @ 17 degrees

10:10 am PST/ 1:10 pm EST

Leo Moon square Taurus Uranus @ 18 degrees

12:25 pm PST/ 3:25 pm EST

We open the day with a fixed square. Our cycles, emotions, and thought processes are getting some work. Remember Taurus Mercury is working backwards, retracing its thoughts and steps, slowing down the pace to an almost- standstill. It wants you to stew in your ideas for a while and deliberate. This isn’t a great decisive standpoint, and Leo Moon is likely impatient to move forward. Emotionally there might be a sense of urgency or expression, but likely Taurus Mercury will put the brakes on and make you think it through.

A beneficial fire trine follows with Leo Moon and Aries Chiron. Whatever skills you have been honing to deal with your deep identity wound, they are going to be working well with your bodily emotional regulation. You have come so far. Just because something hurts a lot doesn’t mean that you don’t have your regulation. Just because you feel the fire burning you, doesn’t mean that you don’t know how to cool down. You do. You’ve done a lot of Chiron work.

Another fixed square with Leo Moon and Taurus Uranus has us getting some new insights into these emotions. Squares are there to help us learn, change, and move. A situation or scenario will likely throw us into deeper self knowledge– the feelings we are having, our need for exterior validation, our need to feel secure when we have these feelings. What are you learning about big emergent emotions and how you work with them? Can you be open to sitting with this discomfort while you unpack what’s happening?

Saturday April 29

Leo Moon trine Aries Jupiter @ 25 degrees

3:52 am PST/ 5:52 am EST

Virgo Moon trine North Node @ 3 degrees

7:47 pm PST/ 10:47 pm EST

Virgo Moon opposes Pisces Saturn @ 5 degrees

10:41 pm PST/ April 30th 1:41 am EST

A fire trine sets the stage for the day– Leo Moon with Aries Jupiter. The body is telling you where you feel, and what your heart feels. Aries Jupiter is honing that into what you are learning about your identity, what you desire to do in the world, your impulse to grow and your self confidence to do it. This is a beneficial trine that you can breathe into and feel.

Virgo Moon then trines the North Node in Taurus. This Moon is focused, and at times obsessed. It wants to be healthy and thriving, and ultimately wants to be in service. But Virgo Moon can venture on perfectionism to get there. North Node will help ease the edge felt by a striving Virgo Moon, it will try to guide you into a softer, more steady pace, one where your future and karmic role is highlighted. Can you allow some ease into your life even if it feels like you might be letting things go a bit?

Virgo Moon then opposes Pisces Saturn. There is work here between what you are trying so hard to contain and what needs to be shed for you to master the most important things. Pisces Saturn will confuse and obscure in order for you to absorb the truth of what you are really here to do. It will ask you to be accountable to the whole, and it will ask you to consider a much bigger picture. Virgo Moon might be uncomfortable with this dose of truth, but it will be ok. Virgo Moon is strong and can weather the difficulty. It just needs to let go a little.

Sunday April 30

Virgo Moon trine Taurus Sun @ 10 degrees

7:59 am PST/ 10:59 am EST

Virgo Moon trine Taurus Mercury @ 12 degrees

12:05 pm PST/ 3:05 pm EST

An earth trine with Sun and Moon means we are integrating our interior and exterior selves in a tangible way. What feels grounded to you today, and how are you able to move forward, healthily? Where do you tend towards perfection and fixation and how can you open up your world and trust yourself? Taurus is about stewarding earth’s bounty, receiving the beauty and valuing it. The sun is highlighting this for you as you may be on overdrive with your Moon in this mercurial sign.

Virgo Moon then trines Taurus Mercury, which is retrograde. The deliberation and deep practical thoughts you are working with will serve your body and your nervous system. Whatever feels urgent, scary, and at risk of total failure will be tempered by the soothingly slow ideas coming through this Mercury to help you and your body out. Virgo Moon notices everything and is always scanning the situation, but with Mercury retrograde in this slower and more intentional place, there will be time to regulate. What habit of perfectionism can you let go of? Can you adopt a middle path with your thoughts and feelings?

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