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Weekly Transits for Oct 23-28th

Monday October 23rd

Scorpio Season Begins

9:21 am PST/ 12:21 pm EST

Aquarius Moon square Taurus Uranus @ 21 degrees

12:04 pm PST/ 3:04 pm EST

We are finally here, the season that brings us to the heart of everything that scares and intimidates us. The season is energetically potent, deep, and often can bring out some of our worst behavior. This season performs some very deep cleansing on our systems. But we don’t always want to let go of our compulsions and obsessions. We don’t often want to admit they are there.

There’s no running away from Scorpio season. The only way out is through.

Scorpio Season is here to make us face what we’ve been hiding from, and face what we would rather not see. Libra season primed us with the equilibrium of the day and night, and the beauty and harmony this magic bestows. The Sun joins Mercury and Mars in Scorpio today, and upon entry, we have a conjunction– though not exact. That means we are deep in the Scorpio vibe where our personality, thoughts and actions will all be Scorpionic. The Scorpion stings first and asks questions later, so since we are knee-deep in relationship work, it’s important that we be careful with our sting. This three-planet conjunction is trined by Saturn in Pisces to ensure we stay grounded in reality. One thing that Scorpio energy can do is focus us so deep that we may forget to see the forest for the trees. And if you are a sexual human– in some way– you might have to contend with your desires, compulsions, kinks, or obsessions. Scorpio will bring out your Dionysian drives.

You may have a surprise come out of a fixed square with Uranus and Moon. Moon is still looking at the big picture but there could be an upset of the apple cart with Uranus. What feels solid and what feels unstable today? Do you have an inkling of what Scorpio Season wants to deliver you, or clean out of you?

Tuesday October 24th

Scorpio Sun trine Pisces Saturn @ 0 degrees

12:13 am PST/ 3:13 am EST

Pisces Moon conjunct Saturn @ 0 degrees

2:32 am PST/ 5:32 am EST

Pisces Moon trine Scorpio Sun @ 0 degrees

2:44 am PST/ 5:44 am EST

Pisces Moon trine Scorpio Mercury @ 3 degrees

7:56 am PST/ 10:56 am EST

Pisces Moon trine Scorpio Mars @ 8 degrees

3:57 pm PST/ 6:57 pm EST

Today is full of beneficial trines which is a refreshing way to be starting Scorpio season. We all forget that Scorpio Season is essentially to bring up that which we avoid in order to clear it. This is like the part of the medicine ceremony when everyone’s screaming. Or the buildup in a scary movie. We have work to do on our nervous systems and brains. Our fight-or-flight impulses are in overdrive, and we have secret obsessions, delusions, and habits. This season promises to deliver us an all-you-can-eat buffet of stuff we’d rather not deal with.

We start the day out with a trine between Scorpio Sun and Pisces Saturn. Saturn is our taskmaster and Sun is our identity. With a water trine we heal our waters– we have emotional work to do out in the world with our identity as much as the day to day tasks of our life. This trine is here to help you heal and reconcile your relationship with the outside world and the slings and arrows it throws at you. Do you know how to receive blessings when they come?

Moon conjuncts Saturn to bring your body into this same idea of the boundaries of time, and what’s happening in the outside world. You are part of a big thing and your individuation is only as thick as your skin. In what ways are you doing the work of being a human citizen? The work– if not clear– is healing yourself. We all have lofty goals of voting and donating money and starting petitions, but Pisces Saturn knows how connected we are. Your trauma is your job, and Moon will bring this up somehow in your cycles or knee-jerk reactions.

Moon then makes beneficial trines to Sun, then Mercury, then Mars. Moon is Pisces, so she is highly attuned to the emotional world, to the daemons around you and how your body picks of frequency. Scorpio Sun intensifies our personalities and identities- what feels more urgent about “who you are?” Whatever message is coming through that– your body will pick it up and have some sort of salve for it.

When you have a water trine, this is a good day to notice what healing looks and feels like. Because this is Pisces Moon, she is powerful at integrating you into the entire story. So first we look at your identity and sense of self, and then we look at Mercury– also in Scorpio. This Mercury wants to focus on something– what is that? How does your body feel about it? Is there an opportunity to heal this? I bet there is, but it feels hard. Perhaps just noticing it is enough– however. Let the water trine do its work.

Finally this Moon comes to a trine with Scorpio Mars, which is a pretty unstoppable force. Whatever bee is in your bonnet, it might be beneficial to stop going for a minute. This is hard with the precision of Scorpio Mars. Scorpio Mars knows what it wants and will do anything to get it. So cool your heels for just a moment and let the Moon show you how it feels. Just because you want it, doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Just because you can make it happen, doesn’t mean it feels good. Get back into your body and take a moment before blowing this energy off. This is about healing trauma so it doesn’t become more trauma. That is a blessing that you can work with.

Wednesday October 25th

Pisces Moon oppose Virgo Venus @ 15 degrees

2:52 am PST/ 5:52 am EST

Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune @ 25 degrees

7:21 pm PST/ 10:21 EST

There’s an emotional moment with the opening opposition. Pisces Moon is psychic and feeling everything in the body. There is a lot of water and perfectionistic Venus will value preciseness. There is this idea of your values and being valued, and the work you do to get there. The actual value of who you are. There is this idea of intuition, dreams and feeling it all. These two ideas might be in some sort of tussle about order and chaos. Generals and specifics. The veil is thin in Scorpio season. You are knowing things without knowing them.

Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces for beautiful moment. This is a highly intuitive and psychic time but it also may be confusing or unclear. Emotions will be felt, but not precisely. The Pisces waters run deep at this special hour. A good time for devotional practice, art, dance, or meditation. The key is to really be in your body.

What does your body know today?

Thursday October 26th

Today there are no major transits to speak of, so we’ll spend some time talking about eclipse care, Scorpio vibes, and the lack of air right now.

This eclipse coming up is no joke, we’ve got Scorpio season coming in hot. Have you noticed any intensity in your conversations with people, or your relationships? Sun, Mercury and Mars are all loosely conjunct, so we’re all dealing with the Scorpionic vibes. We are more determined, focused, investigative, sexual (if we are sexual beings, and not everyone is,) determined, sensitive, passionate and driven.

The eclipse will involve Jupiter and Moon in Taurus that will come to a conjunction, and also Sun, Mercury and Mars in Scorpio facing off. So your identity, thoughts and actions could come against someone’s belief system and emotional regulation system, or vice versa. There is a lot to look at here, especially in terms of desire. There is an unstoppable quality to the Scorpionic vibe– and the full Moon will be culminating in your Taurus house to finalize the themes of your eclipse portal lessons. A lot can happen between today and then. Be gentle, compassionate, and conscious.

There are no planets in air signs right now. Be aware that this vibe is earthy, emotional, and instinctual. Our impulses are led by desire and will, but maybe not so much be rational thought. Something to be aware of going into the glare of this eclipse.

Friday October 27th

Aries Moon conjunct Chiron @ 16 degrees

6:59 am PST/ 9:59 am EST

Aries Moon conjunct North Node @ 24 degrees

8:12 pm PST/ 11:12 EST

Today our bodies and identities will become one with our wound and then our future. This day’s trajectory comes with identity and ego growth as our bodies and cycles experience a ride through the past, present, and future.

Tomorrow is eclipse day, amongst other things, and we want to be primed for the big reveal.

What have you been contending with the last few weeks? What spells did you cast, and how are they going? What have you learned about yourself in your relationships? What relationships are key in this story?

When Aries Moon conjuncts Chiron, we embody our wound and our ability to heal. We are both wounded and healer at once and this is a powerful place to be. Our bodies will signal this. This conjunction is spiritual and also wants to propel us. Whatever your wound is, it has made you powerful and today you will feel it.

Later in the day you will find yourself in some sort of merging with your future. You may recognize it in your body because it will feel awkward, unpracticed, or vulnerable. There is a moment that feels fated today. Can your body recognize it?

Saturday October 28th

Aries Moon square Capricorn Pluto @ 27 degrees

1:19 am PST/ 4:19 EST

Scorpio Mars opposite Taurus Jupiter @ 11 degrees

8:44 am PST/ 12:44 pm EST

Taurus Partial Lunar North Node (Full Moon) Eclipse @ 5 degrees

1:24 pm PST/ 4:24 pm EST

Taurus Moon conjunct Jupiter, opposing Scorpio Mercury conjunct Mars @ 11 degrees

11:35 pm PST/ October 29th 2:35 am EST

Moon squares Pluto, so we are in for some sort of transformation. This is cardinal square, interested in initiation, and starting something. This moment can feel difficult, but it’s trying to bring up a shift in your identity that is coming to a head today. What do you know about yourself, that can be felt in your body?

Mars opposes Jupiter. Perhaps you are dealing with someone who is aggressive, relentless or that eroding your boundaries. Perhaps you are dealing with someone who is excessively concerned with themselves or their things, or beliefs about the world. There is an interplay between effort and belief, feelings and comfort, action and expansion. This relationship is part of closing up the lesson you have fast tracked through the eclipse. What have you learned?

The eclipse is the closing and manifestation of a couple of things. The last 6 months of lessons that began with May 19th’s New Moon in Taurus, for one. The closing of the eclipse portal that started with the Libra New Moon on October 14th, for another. Your relationship(s) is/are different now. What’s happened and what have you learned.

There is an idea of hunger, desire, and wanting to this vibe. Perhaps we are able to put something to rest or completion. We have to decide what makes us feel secure or insecure. Perhaps we have been ushered into something involving our future, with this ending or culmination. Either way there is some drama to this final eclipse of the year.

Taurus Moon conjuncts Jupiter and opposes Mercury and Mars in Scorpio. This is some real relationship stuff that is going to have us in the crosshairs. On one hand we have our bodies, hunger, need for security, and expansive excesses in the mix. And on another we have focused movement, thought and conversation. We have fixed energy working with fixed energy. It might not seem like there is a way out. It might trigger some uncomfortable or confronting feelings. The relationship lessons presented throughout the day, and for the last few months have had your benefit in mind. Whatever you feel like you are grasping at, or losing: this is your work.

Sunday October 29th

Scorpio Mercury conjunct Mars@ 11 degrees

7:07 am PST/ 10:07 am EST

Taurus Moon trine Virgo Venus @ 19 degrees

2:35 pm PST/ 5:35 pm EST

Taurus Moon conjunct Uranus @ 21 degrees

5:34 pm PST/ 8:34 pm EST

Mercury conjuncts Mars to marry our actions and thoughts together. This is some intense, focused Scorpio energy and likely you have a clear step forward and know what to do or say next. Be careful that you are not falling into mistrust or trauma based fear when dealing with others. Just because you feel unfaltering certainty, doesn’t mean that you have the whole picture. You are sensitive as anything today, and your thoughts and actions will reflect this. There will be several days of eclipse hangover to wade through.

Moon trines Venus, to help you connect with your emotions and loving self. Earth trines are there to improve real world circumstances in a concrete way, and there will be helpful blessings that could boost your financial world, or values. This is especially lovely energy because Moon is ruled by this Venus, and this Venus wants to serve. Whatever you just went through on Saturday, this transit boosts you to be your best self.

Moon then conjuncts Uranus which means there are surprises in store from within your Taurus house. This could come to you as a divine flash of insight- an idea or detail never before seen. It could come as an impulse or even a technological advance. Whatever it is, it is there to help you move past this eclipse season in a grounded and stable way.

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